WoTWednesday: December 4, 2019

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn
Published: December 4 2019 Tar Valon Times Blog Link

Another month, another #WoTWednesday, and the question that’s been on many peoples’ minds these last few weeks is: will today be the day we finally get a Thom casting?

In an echo of the huge casting news we received on August 14, it turns out that Amazon has decided to release multiple castings for December’s #WoTWednesday–and yes, Thom is one of them!

Alexandre Willaume, who had recently posted some images on instagram related to the series that were then taken down, has been confirmed as Thom Merrilin:


Alvaro Morte has been cast as Logain Ablar:


Hammed Animashaun has been cast as Loial, a character many fans feared would be cut:


And Johann Myers, who was spotted briefly in the video that Amazon released in October, has been cast as Padan Fain:


So far reactions are overwhelmingly positive in regards to the new reveals. Rafe Judkins appears to have hit it out of the park again with these castings.


As always, Rafe has offered some of his thoughts on the castings. It looks like we can expect an exceptional and emotional Logain performance:


A theme throughout the casting has been finding the absolute perfect actors, which Rafe once again reiterates in regards to Loial’s casting:


Rafe also revealed a little information about Padan Fain’s entrance into the series:


And he had a few words for those who have been doubting whether Thom would make the cut for the show (I’ve had my own moments of worry!):


Of course, plenty of questions remain. How will Loial look on screen? If Amazon is releasing news of Logain alongside of Thom, Loial, and Fain, does this mean that his role in the early series will be commensurate with the other three characters–particularly given that Rafe Judkins has already said he plans to increase Logain’s role?

Who is your favourite of the new castings?