The Ballad of the Raid, The Madness and the Breaking

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Author: Geraent Alcair'cue

For power flow,
and power fade,
none would survive the hundred's raid.

one hundred and thirteen,
a force like none the world had seen,
Bringing with them an army small,
each soldier destined to fall.

The women too long had delayed,
so these brash young men paid,
A price too high to tell,
Their mortal army smashed,
And their minds wrought in hell.

Seven seals of cuendillar they wrought
by unknown means even the sisters still sought,
A purpose to end the war,
A purpose to seal the bore,
Seven seals of cuendillar channeled into place,
Sealing the fate of the human race.

Alas, the hundred companions of ill fate,
suffered one blow too great!
Saidin was tainted! Cursed and perverted!
To madness and barbarism each diverted!
Once great Lews Therin's family perished,
Their Bloody deaths at his hands,
The Dark One surely relished!
Sadism and madness had many pure victims,

Even the saintly aiel died by madmen's whims.

But the worst hadn't come!
The last men to taint succumb,
Rent this world with the one power,
And the world trembled to its foundations,
People turned to leaders and nations,
But none knew what to tell -

And the dark one laughed in his abominable hell...