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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Santes is man from Mayene. He is one of Berelain's most excellent thief-catchers "experienced in ferreting out crimes" (ACoS, Ch. 5). He is very nosy (CoT, Ch. 6).

Perrin does not know who is Gendar and who is Santes. That either means they look very similar or he has not been introduced to them individually (WH, Ch. 5).


  • They bring Annoura the servant who put the poison in Maringil's wine, as well as the two who waylaid High Lord Meilan (ACoS, Ch. 5).
  • When Perrin leaves Berelain's tent, he sees the thief-catchers laughing with Rosene and Nana, Berelain's maids. When he approaches them, Gendar and Santes disappear. All four of them think that Perrin has shared his bed with Berelain (WH, Ch. 5).
  • Berelain has them spy on Masema, taking wine they supposedly stole from her to make friends in the camp. He finds a document sealed by the High Lady Suroth in Masema's camp desk. Berelain says Santes should have simply memorized what was on the paper instead of stealing it, but now that they have it, Perrin should be careful not to be seen reading it (CoT, Ch. 6).
  • Berelain sends them off to the camp with her last cask of Tunaighan, but when she talks to Perrin she says that they should have been back an hour ago (CoT, Ch. 6) and no one has seen or heard from since. It is as clear to Gallenne that they have been killed as if a messenger had brought their heads (CoT, Ch. 25).


  • He and Gendar, Berelain's other thief-catcher, share a tent in the Mayener part of Perrin's camp (TPoD, Ch. 8).
  • Perrin thinks both of them together do not find out half of what Balwer does. Berelain is not amused that Perrin makes her believe "that dried-up little secretary of [his] was finding out more than [her] thief-catchers when [he] ha[s] two dozen eyes-and-ears masquerading as Faile’s retainers" (WH, Ch. 5).
  • Perrin has never heard them saying more than three words together, so he is somewhat surprised to see them laughing with Berelain's maids (WH, Ch. 5).


"I put something in that basket besides bread and a woodhen. A... document... that Santes found early yesterday, locked away in Masema's camp desk. The fool never saw a lock without wanting to know what it hid. If he had to meddle with what Masema kept under lock and key, he should have memorized the thing instead of taking it, but what's done is done." (Berelain to Perrin about Santes; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 6)