Samel Crawe

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Samel Crawe is a man from Emond's Field in the Two Rivers, Andor. He is a member of the Village Council (TEotW, Ch. 2). Bandry Crawe is his son (TEotW, Ch. 4).

He has a horse face and a long nose (TSR, Ch. 56).


  • Rand sees Samel Crawe and Rowan Hurn join the rest of the Village Council in the common room of the Winespring Inn on Winternight (TEotW, Ch. 2).
  • In the big battle against the Trollocs, Jon Thane and Samel Crawe have charge between them east of the Winespring Inn. Samel is sure that he saw smoke from his farm. When Perrin gives them their instructions, he thinks to himself that Samel and Jon do not expect an easy day, but they wear determination like cloaks (TSR, Ch. 56).


  • In Baerlon, Rand is surprised to see Baerloners who look like people he knows in Emond's Field; among them, he sees a man who is the mirror-image of Samel Crawe (TEotW, Ch. 15).