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Author: Val a'Shain

For a list of Point of View Characters by characters, see List of Point of View Characters

The Eye of the World

Chapter Point of view
Prologue: Dragonmount Lews Therin Telamon
Ravens Egwene
Chapter 1: An Empty Road Rand
Chapter 2: Strangers Rand
Chapter 3: The Peddler Rand
Chapter 4: The Gleeman Rand
Chapter 5: Winternight Rand
Chapter 6: The Westwood Rand
Chapter 7: Out of the Woods Rand
Chapter 8: A Place of Safety Rand
Chapter 9: Tellings of the Wheel Rand
Chapter 10: Leavetaking Rand
Chapter 11: The Road to Taren Ferry Rand
Chapter 12: Across the Taren Rand
Chapter 13: Choices Rand
Chapter 14: The Stag and the Lion Rand
Chapter 15: Strangers and Friends Rand
Chapter 16: The Wisdom Rand
Chapter 17: Watchers and Hunters Rand
Chapter 18: The Caemlyn Road Rand
Chapter 19: Shadow's Waiting Rand
Chapter 20: Dust on the Wind Rand, Perrin
Chapter 21: Listen to the Wind Nynaeve
Chapter 22: A Path Chosen Perrin
Chapter 23: Wolfbrother Perrin
Chapter 24: Flight Down the Arinelle Rand
Chapter 25: The Travelling People Perrin
Chapter 26: Whitebridge Rand
Chapter 27: Shelter From the Storm Perrin
Chapter 28: Footprints in Air Nynaeve
Chapter 29: Eyes Without Pity Perrin
Chapter 30: Children of Shadow Perrin
Chapter 31: Play for your Supper Rand
Chapter 32: Four Kings in Shadow Rand
Chapter 33: The Dark Waits Rand
Chapter 34: The Last Villiage Rand
Chapter 35: Caemlyn Rand
Chapter 36: Web of the Pattern Rand
Chapter 37: The Long Chase Nynaeve
Chapter 38: Rescue Perrin
Chapter 39: Weaving of the Web Rand
Chapter 40: The Web Tightens Rand
Chapter 41: Old Friends and New Threats Rand
Chapter 42: Rememberance of Dreams Rand
Chapter 43: Decisions and Apparitions Rand
Chapter 44: The Dark Along the Ways Rand
Chapter 45: What Follows in Shadow Rand
Chapter 46: Fal Dara Rand
Chapter 47: More Tales of the Wheel Rand
Chapter 48: The Blight Rand
Chapter 49: The Dark One Stirs Rand
Chapter 50: Meetings at the Eye Rand
Chapter 51: Against the Shadow Rand
Chapter 52: Neither Beginning Nor End Rand
Chapter 53: The Wheel Turns Rand, Moiraine

The Great Hunt

Chapter Point of view
Prologue: In the Shadow Jaichim Carridin
Chapter 1: The Flame of Tar Valon Rand
Chapter 2: The Welcome Rand
Chapter 3: Friends and Enemies Rand
Chapter 4: Summoned Moiraine
Chapter 5: The Shadow in Shienar Moiraine, Geofram Bornhald, Liandrin, Padan Fain
Chapter 6: Dark Prophecy Rand
Chapter 7: Blood Calls Blood Rand, Perrin, Moiraine
Chapter 8: The Dragon Reborn Rand, Egwene, Nynaeve, Moiraine
Chapter 9: Leavetakings Rand, Bayle Domon
Chapter 10: The Hunt Begins Rand
Chapter 11: Glimmers of the Pattern Rand, Padan Fain
Chapter 12: Woven in the Pattern Egwene
Chapter 13: From Stone to Stone Rand
Chapter 14: Wolfbrother Perrin
Chapter 15: Kinslayer Rand
Chapter 16: In the Mirror of Darkness Rand
Chapter 17: Choices Rand
Chapter 18: To the White Tower Egwene
Chapter 19; Beneath the Dagger Rand, Padan Fain
Chapter 20: Saidin Rand
Chapter 21: The Nine Rings Rand
Chapter 22: Watchers Moiraine
Chapter 23: The Testing Nynaeve
Chapter 24: New Friends and Old Enemies Egwene, Min
Chapter 25: Cairhien Rand
Chapter 26: Discord Rand, Thom
Chapter 27: The Shadow in the Night Rand
Chapter 28: A New Thread in the Pattern Perrin
Chapter 29: Seanchan Geofram Bornhald, Bayle Domon
Chapter 30: Daes Dae'mar Rand
Chapter 31: On the Scent Rand, Perrin
Chapter 32: Dangerous Words Rand
Chapter 33: A Message From the Dark Rand
Chapter 34: The Wheel Weaves Padan Fain, Thom
Chapter 35: Stedding Tsofu Rand
Chapter 36: Among the Elders Rand
Chapter 37: What Might Be Rand
Chapter 38: Practice Egwene
Chapter 39: Flight From the White Tower Egwene
Chapter 40: Damane Egwene
Chapter 41: Disagreements Rand
Chapter 42: Falme Nynaeve
Chapter 43: A Plan Min
Chapter 44: Five Will Ride Forth Rand, Perrin, Geofram Bornhald
Chapter 45: Blademaster Rand, Nynaeve
Chapter 46 To Come Out of the Shadow Rand, Nynaeve, Geofram Bornhald, Bayle Domon
Chapter 47: The Grave Is No Bar To My Call Rand, Geofram Bornhald
Chapter 48: First Claiming Min, Jaret Byar
Chapter 49: What Was Meant To Be Rand
Chapter 50: After Narrator

The Dragon Reborn

Chapter Point of view
Prologue: Fortress of the Light Pedron Niall, Jaichim Carridin
Chapter 1: Waiting Perrin
Chapter 2: Saidin Perrin
Chapter 3: News From the Plain Perrin
Chapter 4: Shadows Sleeping Perrin
Chapter 5: Nightmares Walking Perrin
Chapter 6: The Hunt Begins Perrin
Chapter 7: The Way out of the Mountains Perrin
Chapter 8: Jarra Perrin
Chapter 9: Wolf Dreams Perrin, Rand
Chapter 10: Secrets Egwene
Chapter 11: Tar Valon Egwene
Chapter 12: The Amyrlin Seat Siuan
Chapter 13: Punishments Egwene
Chapter 14: The Bite of the Thorns Egwene
Chapter 15: The Gray Man Egwene
Chapter 16: Hunters Three Egwene
Chapter 17: The Red Sister Egwene
Chapter 18: Healing Egwene
Chapter 19: Awakening Mat
Chapter 20: Visitations Mat
Chapter 21: The World of Dreams Egwene, Verin
Chapter 22: The Price of the Ring Egwene
Chapter 23: Sealed Egwene
Chapter 24: Scouting and Discoveries Mat
Chapter 25: Questions Egwene
Chapter 26: Behind a Lock Egwene
Chapter 27: Tel'aran'rhiod Egwene
Chapter 28: A Way Out Mat
Chapter 29: A Trap To Spring Nynaeve
Chapter 30: The First Toss Mat
Chapter 31: The Woman of Tanchico Mat
Chapter 32: The First Ship Mat, Rand
Chapter 33: Within the Weave Perrin
Chapter 34: A Different Dance Perrin
Chapter 35: The Falcon Perrin
Chapter 36: Daughter of the Night Perrin, Rand
Chapter 37: Fires in Cairhien Egwene
Chapter 38: Maidens of the Spear Egwene
Chapter 39: Threads in the Pattern Egwene
Chapter 40: A Hero in the Night Mat
Chapter 41: A Hunter's Oath Perrin
Chapter 42: Easing the Badger Perrin
Chapter 43: Shadowbrothers Perrin
Chapter 44: Hunted Perrin, Mat
Chapter 45: Caemlyn Mat
Chapter 46: A Message Out of the Shadow Mat
Chapter 47: To Race the Shadow Mat
Chapter 48: Following the Craft Egwene
Chapter 49: A Storm in Tear Egwene, Mat
Chapter 50: The Hammer Perrin
Chapter 51: Bait for the Net Nynaeve
Chapter 52: In Search of a Remedy Mat
Chapter 53: A Flow of the Spirit Perrin
Chapter 54: Into the Stone Mat, Rand, Perrin, Egwene
Chapter 55: What is Written in Prophecy Mat, Rand, Perrin, Egwene
Chapter 56: People of the Dragon Mat

The Shadow Rising

Chapter Point of view
Chapter 1: Seeds of Shadow Min, Elaida, Dain Bornhald, Suroth
Chapter 2: Whirlpools in the Pattern Perrin, Mat, Rand
Chapter 3: Reflection Perrin
Chapter 4: Strings Thom
Chapter 5: Questioners Egwene
Chapter 6: Doorways Elayne
Chapter 7: Playing With Fire Egwene
Chapter 8: Hard Heads Egwene, Elayne, Rand
Chapter 9: Decisions Rand
Chapter 10: The Stone Stands Rand
Chapter 11: What Lies Hidden Egwene
Chapter 12: Tanchico or the Tower Egwene, Elayne
Chapter 13: Rumors Mat
Chapter 14: Customs of Mayene Perrin, Faile
Chapter 15: Into the Doorway Mat
Chapter 16: Leavetakings Perrin, Elayne
Chapter 17: Deceptions Thom, Min, Sahra Covenry
Chapter 18: Into the Ways Perrin
Chapter 19: The Wavedancer Elayne
Chapter 20: Winds Rising Elayne
Chapter 21: Into the Heart Moiraine
Chapter 22: Out of the Stone Rand
Chapter 23: Beyond the Stone Egwene
Chapter 24: Rhuidean Mat
Chapter 25: The Road to the Spear Rand
Chapter 26: The Dedicated Rand
Chapter 27: Within the Ways Perrin
Chapter 28: To the Tower of Ghenjei Perrin
Chapter 29: Homecoming Perrin
Chapter 30: Beyond the Oak Perrin
Chapter 31: Assurances Perrin, Dain Bornhald, Padan Fain
Chapter 32: Questions to be Asked Perrin
Chapter 33: A New Weave in the Pattern Perrin
Chapter 34: He Who Comes With The Dawn Rand
Chapter 35: Sharp Lessons Egwene
Chapter 36: Misdirections Rand, Mat
Chapter 37: Imre Stand Rand, Mat
Chapter 38: Hidden Faces Egeanin, Carridin
Chapter 39: A Cup of Wine Elayne, Nynaeve
Chapter 40: Hunter of Trollocs Perrin
Chapter 41: Among the Tuatha'an Perrin
Chapter 42: A Missing Leaf Perrin
Chapter 43: Care for the Living Perrin
Chapter 44: The Breaking Storm Perrin
Chapter 45: The Tinker's Sword Perrin
Chapter 46: Veils Egeanin
Chapter 47: The Truth of a Viewing Siuan, Min
Chapter 48: An Offer Refused Rand
Chapter 49: Cold Rocks Hold Rand
Chapter 50: Traps Rand, Mat
Chapter 51: Revelations in Tanchico Elayne
Chapter 52: Need Elayne, Nynaeve
Chapter 53: The Price of a Departure Perrin
Chapter 54: Into the Palace Elayne, Nynaeve
Chapter 55: Into the Deep Nynaeve
Chapter 56: Goldeneyes Perrin, Padan Fain
Chapter 57: A Breaking in the Three-fold Land Rand
Chapter 58: The Traps of Rhuidean Rand

The Fires of Heaven

Chapter Point of view
Prologue: The First Sparks Fall Elaida, Padan Fain, Rahvin
Chapter 1: Fanning the Sparks Min, Gareth Bryne, Alteima, Morgase
Chapter 2: Rhuidean Rand
Chapter 3: Pale Shadows Rand, Mat
Chapter 4: Twilight Rand
Chapter 5: Among the Wise Ones Egwene
Chapter 6: Gateways Rand
Chapter 7: A Departure Egwene, Moiraine
Chapter 8: Over the Border Nynaeve
Chapter 9: A Signal Nynaeve
Chapter 10: Figs and Mice Elayne, Narrator
Chapter 11: The Nine Horse Hitch Siuan, Min
Chapter 12: An Old Pipe Gareth Bryne
Chapter 13: A Small Room in Sienda Elayne
Chapter 14: Meeting Nynaeve
Chapter 15: What Can Be Learned in Dreams Nynaeve, Egwene
Chapter 16: An Unexpected Offer Nynaeve
Chapter 17: Heading West Nynaeve
Chapter 18: A Hound of Darkness Liandrin
Chapter 19: Memories Morgase, Padan Fain
Chapter 20: Jangai Pass Rand
Chapter 21: The Gift of a Blade Rand
Chapter 22: Birdcalls by Night Mat, Rand
Chapter 23: "The Fifth, I Give You" Egwene
Chapter 24: A Message Sent Egwene
Chapter 25: Dreams of Galad Egwene, Moghedien
Chapter 26: Sallie Daera Min
Chapter 27: The Practice of Diffidence Siuan
Chapter 28: Trapped Gareth Bryne, Min
Chapter 29: Memories of Saldaea Rand, Hadnan Kadere
Chapter 30: A Wager Rand
Chapter 31: The Far Snows Rand
Chapter 32: A Short Spear Rand
Chapter 33: A Question of Crimson Nynaeve
Chapter 34: A Silver Arrow Nynaeve, Liandrin
Chapter 35: Ripped Away Elayne
Chapter 36: A New Name Elayne
Chapter 37: Performances in Samara Nynaeve
Chapter 38: An Old Aquaintance Nynaeve
Chapter 39: Encounters in Samara Nynaeve
Chapter 40: The Wheel Weaves Nynaeve
Chapter 41: The Craft of Kin Tovere Rand
Chapter 42: Before the Arrow Mat, Rand
Chapter 43: This Place, This Day Mat, Rand
Chapter 44: The Lesser Sadness Mat, Rand
Chapter 45: After the Storm Mat, Rand
Chapter 46: Other Battles, Other Weapons Rand
Chapter 47: The Price of a Ship Nynaeve, Elayne
Chapter 48: Leavetakings Nynaeve
Chapter 49: To Boannda Nynaeve
Chapter 50: To Teach, and Learn Nynaeve, Elayne
Chapter 51: News Comes to Cairhien Rand, Egwene, Mat
Chapter 52: Choices Rand, Moiraine, Hadnan Kadere
Chapter 53: Fading Words Rand
Chapter 54: To Caemlyn Rand, Nynaeve
Chapter 55: The Threads Burn Rand, Nynaeve
Chapter 56: Glowing Embers Rand, Asmodean, Morgase

Lord of Chaos

Chapter Point of view
Prologue: The First Message Nynaeve, Elayne, Pedron Niall, Faile, Morgase, Demandred, Gawyn, Katerine Alruddin, Sevanna, Mesaana, Osan'gar
Chapter 1: Lion on the Hill Rand
Chapter 2: A New Arrival Rand
Chapter 3: A Woman's Eyes Rand
Chapter 4: A Sense of Humor Rand
Chapter 5: A Different Dance Mat
Chapter 6: Threads Woven of Shadow Sammael, Graendal, Semirhage
Chapter 7: A Matter of Thought Elayne, Demandred
Chapter 8: The Storm Gathers Nynaeve
Chapter 9: Plans Pedron Niall, Morgase
Chapter 10: A Saying in the Borderlands Rand
Chapter 11: Lessons and Teachers Verin, Rand
Chapter 12: Questions and Answers Nynaeve, unknown woman
Chapter 13: Under the Dust Nynaeve
Chapter 14: Dreams and Nightmares Nynaeve, Egwene
Chapter 15: A Pile of Sand Egwene, Elayne, Sheriam
Chapter 16: Tellings of the Wheel Rand
Chapter 17: The Wheel of a Life Rand
Chapter 18: A Taste of Solitude Rand, Egwene, Sulin
Chapter 19: Matters of Toh Rand, Aviendha
Chapter 20: From the Stedding Rand
Chapter 21: To Shadar Logoth Rand
Chapter 22: Heading South Mat
Chapter 23: To Understand a Message Graendal, Sammael
Chapter 24: An Embassy Egwene
Chapter 25: Like Lightning and Rain Egwene, Nesune Bihara, Sarene Nemdahl, Katerine Alruddin
Chapter 26: Connecting Lines Rand
Chapter 27: Gifts Egwene, Nesune
Chapter 28: Letters Rand, Padan Fain
Chapter 29: Fire and Spirit Nynaeve
Chapter 30: To Heal Again Nynaeve, Siuan, Elayne, Delana
Chapter 31: Red Wax Pedron Niall, Eamon Valda, Rhadam Asunawa, Morgase
Chapter 32: Summoned in Haste Rand, Egwene
Chapter 33: Courage to Strengthen Egwene, Mat
Chapter 34: Journey to Salidar Egwene
Chapter 35: In The Hall of the Sitters Egwene
Chapter 36: The Amyrlin is Raised Egwene
Chapter 37: When Battle Begins Egwene, Delana, Romanda, Lelaine, Nynaeve, Siuan, Elayne
Chapter 38: A Sudden Chill Mat
Chapter 39: Possibilities Egwene
Chapter 40: Unexpected Laughter Elayne
Chapter 41: A Threat Min, Rand
Chapter 42: The Black Tower Rand
Chapter 43: The Crown of Roses Merana Ambrey, Dyelin, Luan, Ellorien
Chapter 44: The Color of Trust Mat
Chapter 45: A Bitter Thought Vilnar Barada, Perrin
Chapter 46: Beyond the Gate Perrin, Rand, Demira Eriff
Chapter 47: The Wandering Woman Mat
Chapter 48: Leaning on the Knife Nynaeve
Chapter 49: The Mirror of Mists Rand, Min, Merana Ambrey
Chapter 50: Thorns Rand, Perrin
Chapter 51: The Taking Rand, Perrin, Bain, Sorilea
Chapter 52: Weaves of the Power Egwene, Mat, Elayne, Myrelle Berengari
Chapter 53: The Feast of Lights Sevanna, Galina Casban
Chapter 54: The Sending Perrin
Chapter 55: Dumai's Wells Rand, Perrin, Gawyn
Epilogue: The Answer Moghedien, Demandred, Falion, Egwene, Herid Fel, A Seeker for Truth

A Crown of Swords

Chapter Point of view
Prologue: Lightnings Elaida, Sevanna, Alviarin, Pedron Niall, Eamon Valda, Gawyn
Chapter 1: High Chasaline Perrin
Chapter 2: The Butcher's Yard Perrin
Chapter 3: Hill of the Golden Dawn Perrin
Chapter 4: Into Cairhien Perrin
Chapter 5: A Broken Crown Perrin
Chapter 6: Old Fear, and New Fear Perrin
Chapter 7: Pitfalls and Tripwires Rand
Chapter 8: The Figurehead Egwene
Chapter 9: A Pair of Silverpike Egwene
Chapter 10: Unseen Eyes Egwene
Chapter 11: An Oath Egwene
Chapter 12: A Morning of Victory Egwene
Chapter 13: The Bowl of the Winds Aviendha
Chapter 14: White Plumes Mat
Chapter 15: Insects Jaichim Carridin
Chapter 16: A Touch on the Cheek Mat
Chapter 17: The Triumph of Logic Mat, Joline Maza, Falion Bhoda, Old Man
Chapter 18: As the Plow Breaks the Earth Rand
Chapter 19: Diamonds and Stars Merana Ambrey, Min, Cadsuane Melaidhrin
Chapter 20: Patterns Within Patterns Sevanna, Moridin
Chapter 21: Swovan Night Mat, Nynaeve
Chapter 22: Small Sacrifices Elayne
Chapter 23: Next door to a Weaver Nynaeve
Chapter 24: The Kin Reanne Corly, Nynaeve
Chapter 25: Mindtrap Moghedien
Chapter 26: The Irrevocable Words Morgase
Chapter 27: To Be Alone Perrin
Chapter 28: Bread and Cheese Mat
Chapter 29: The Festival of Birds Mat, Reanne Corly
Chapter 30: The First Cup Elayne, Moghedien
Chapter 31: Mashiara Nynaeve, Elayne
Chapter 32: Sealed to the Flame Elaida, Alviarin, Seaine Herimon
Chapter 33: A Bath Rand
Chapter 34: Ta'veren Rand
Chapter 35: Into the Woods Min
Chapter 36: Blades Min
Chapter 37: A Note from the Palace Mat
Chapter 38: Six Stories Mat
Chapter 39: Promises to Keep Mat
Chapter 40: Spears Galina Casban, Sevanna, Maeric, Graendal, Shaidar Haran
Chapter 41: A Crown of Swords Rand, narrator

The Path of Daggers

Chapter Point of view
Prologue: Deceptive Appearances Ethenielle, Verin, Moridin
Chapter 1: To Keep the Bargain Aviendha
Chapter 2: Unweaving Elayne, Moridin, the gholam
Chapter 3: A Pleasant Ride Elayne
Chapter 4: A Quiet Place Elayne
Chapter 5: The Breaking Storm Elayne
Chapter 6: Threads Elayne, Chulein
Chapter 7: A Goatpen Perrin
Chapter 8: A Simple Country Woman Perrin, Faile, Morgase
Chapter 9: Tangles Perrin
Chapter 10: Changes Perrin, Faile
Chapter 11: Questions and Oaths Sevanna, Galina Casban
Chapter 12: New Alliances Graendal, Cadsuane Melaidhrin
Chapter 13: Floating Like Snow Rand
Chapter 14: Message from the M'Hael Rand
Chapter 15: Stronger than Written Law Egwene
Chapter 16: Unexpected Absences Egwene, Aran'gar, Sheriam
Chapter 17: Out on the Ice Egwene
Chapter 18: A Peculiar Calling Egwene
Chapter 19: The Law Egwene
Chapter 20: Into Andor Elayne
Chapter 21: Answering the Summons Rand
Chapter 22: Gathering Clouds Rand, Assid Bakuun
Chapter 23: Fog of War, Storm of Battle Rand, Furyk Karede
Chapter 24: A Time for Iron Kennar Miraj, Bertome Saighan, Varek, Davram Bashere, Rand, Abaldar Yulan
Chapter 25: An Unwelcome Return Elaida, Alviarin
Chapter 26: The Extra Bit Seaine Herimon, Toveine Gazal
Chapter 27: The Bargain Min, Rand
Chapter 28: Crimsonthorn Elayne, Daved Hanlon
Chapter 29: A Cup of Sleep Min, Rand, Min
Chapter 30: Beginnings Perrin, Faile, Egwene
Chapter 31: After narrator

Winter's Heart

Chapter Point of view
Prologue: Snow Rand, Elayne, Seaine, Toveine Gazal
Chapter 1: Leaving the Prophet Perrin
Chapter 2: Taken Perrin
Chapter 3: Customs Faile
Chapter 4: Offers Faile
Chapter 5: Flags Perrin
Chapter 6: The Scent of Madness Perrin
Chapter 7: The Streets of Caemlyn Elayne
Chapter 8: The Sea Folk and the Kin Elayne
Chapter 9: A Cup of Tea Elayne
Chapter 10: A Plan Succeeds Elayne, Asne Zeramene, Shiaine
Chapter 11: Ideas of Importance Rand, Nynaeve
Chapter 12: A Lily in Winter Elayne, Min
Chapter 13: Wonderful News Demandred, Cadsuane Melaidhrin
Chapter 14: What the Veil Hides Tuon
Chapter 15: In Need of a Bellfounder Mat
Chapter 16: An Unexpected Encounter Mat
Chapter 17: Pink Ribbons Mat
Chapter 18|Chapter 18: An Offer Mat
Chapter 19: Three Women Mat
Chapter 20: Questions of Treason Bethamin
Chapter 21: A Matter of Property Egeanin
Chapter 22: Out of Thin Air Raefar Kisman, Slayer
Chapter 23: To Loose the Sun Shalon
Chapter 24: Among the Counsels Shalon
Chapter 25: Bonds Rand, Verin
Chapter 26: Expectation Elayne
Chapter 27: To Surprise Queens and Kings Elayne
Chapter 28: News in a Cloth Sack Mat
Chapter 29: Another Plan Mat
Chapter 30: Cold, Fat Raindrops Mat
Chapter 31: What the Aelfinn Said Mat
Chapter 32: A Portion of Wisdom Rand
Chapter 33: Blue Carp Street Rand, Min
Chapter 34: The Hummingbird's Secret Rand, Nynaeve, Cadsuane Melaidhrin
Chapter 35: With the Choedan Kal Rand, Verin, Moghedien, Demandred, Osan'gar, Cadsuane Melaidhrin, Elza, Timna, Cyndane, Eben Hopwil, Barmellin

Crossroads of Twilight

Chapter Point of view
Prologue: Glimmers of the Pattern Gawyn, Eamon Valda, Davram Bashere, Rodel Ituralde, Gabrelle, Yukiri, Samitsu Tamagowa
Chapter 1: Time to be Gone Mat
Chapter 2: Two Captains Mat
Chapter 3: A Fan of Colors Mat
Chapter 4: The Tale of a Doll Furyk Karede
Chapter 5: The Forging of a Hammer Perrin
Chapter 6: The Scent of a Dream Perrin
Chapter 7: Blacksmith's Puzzle Perrin
Chapter 8: Whirlpools of Color Perrin
Chapter 9: Traps Faile
Chapter 10: A Blazing Beacon Elayne
Chapter 11: Talk of Debts Elayne
Chapter 12: A Bargain Elayne
Chapter 13: High Seats Elayne
Chapter 14: What Wise Ones Know Elayne
Chapter 15: Gathering Darkness Daved Hanlon, Elenia
Chapter 16: The Subject of Negotiations Egwene
Chapter 17: Secrets Egwene
Chapter 18: A Chat with Siuan Egwene
Chapter 19: Surprises Egwene
Chapter 20: In the Night Egwene
Chapter 21: A Mark Alviarin
Chapter 22: One Answer Pevara
Chapter 23: Ornaments Cadsuane Melaidhrin
Chapter 24: A Strenthening Storm Rand, Cadsuane Melaidhrin, Elza
Chapter 25: When to Wear Jewels Perrin
Chapter 26: In So Habor Perrin
Chapter 27: What Must be Done Perrin
Chapter 28: A Cluster of Rosebuds Mat
Chapter 29: Something Flickers Mat
Chapter 30: What the Oath Rod Can Do Egwene
Epilogue Rand

Knife of Dreams

Chapter Point of view
Prologue: Embers Falling on Dry Grass Galadedrid Damodred, Rodel Ituralde, Suroth, Pevara, Alviarin, Galina, Egwene
Chapter 1: When Last Sounds Siuan Sanche
Chapter 2: The Dark One's Touch Beonin, Elaida
Chapter 3: At the Gardens Aran'gar
Chapter 4: A Deal Perrin
Chapter 5: Something ... Strange Faile
Chapter 6: A Stave and a Razor Mat
Chapter 7: A Cold Medalion Mat
Chapter 8: Dragons' Eggs Mat
Chapter 9: A Short Path Mat
Chapter 10: A Village in Shiota Mat
Chapter 11: A Hell in Maderin Mat
Chapter 12: A Manufactury Perrin
Chapter 13: Siege Elayne
Chapter 14: Wet Things Elayne
Chapter 15: A Different Skill Elayne
Chapter 16: The New Follower Elayne
Chapter 17: A Bronze Bear Elayne, Arymilla
Chapter 18: News for the Dragon Rand
Chapter 19: Vows Loial, Rand
Chapter 20: The Golden Crane Rand, Nynaeve, Weilin Aldragoran
Chapter 21: Within the Stone Rand
Chapter 22: To Make an Anchor Weep Harine din Togara
Chapter 23: Call to a Sitting Romanda
Chapter 24: Honey in the Tea Egwene
Chapter 25: Attending Elaida Tarna, Mat
Chapter 26: As If the World Were Fog Tuon, Perrin, Faile
Chapter 27: A Plain Wooden Box Rand, Mat
Chapter 28: In Malden Faile, Galina
Chapter 29: The Last Knot Perrin, Faile
Chapter 30: Outside the Gates Faile, Perrin, Galina
Chapter 31: The House on the Full Moon Street Elayne
Chapter 32: To Keep the Bargain Birgitte
Chapter 33: Nine out of Ten Elayne
Chapter 34: A Cup of Kaf Furyk Karede
Chapter 35: The Importance of Dyelin Elayne
Chatper 36: Under an Oak Karede, Mat, Tuon
Chapter 37: Prince of the Ravens Mat
Epilogue: Remember the Old Saying Suroth, Pevara

The Gathering Storm

Chapter Point of view
Prologue: What the Storm Means Renald Fanwar, Falendre, Tylee Khirgan, Graendal, Rodel Ituralde, Masema
Chapter 1: Tears from Steel Rand
Chapter 2: The Nature of Pain Egwene
Chapter 3: The Ways of Honor Aviendha
Chapter 4: Nightfall Gawyn
Chapter 5: A Tale of Blood Rand, Cadsuane
Chapter 6: When Iron Melts Rodel, Egwene
Chapter 7: The Plan for Arad Doman Nynaeve
Chapter 8: Clean Shirts Siuan
Chapter 9: Leaving Malden Perrin
Chapter 10: The Last of the Tabac Rodel
Chapter 11: The Death of Adrin Aviendha
Chapter 12: Unexpected Encounters Egwene
Chapter 13: An Offer and a Departure Gawyn
Chapter 14: A Box Opens Cadsuane
Chapter 15: A Place to Begin Rand, Min, Aviendha
Chapter 16: In the White Tower Egwene
Chapter 17: Questions of Control Cadsuane, Perrin
Chapter 18: A Message in Haste Siuan
Chapter 19: Gambits Tuon
Chapter 20: On a Broken Road Mat
Chapter 21: Embers and Ash Perrin, Faile
Chapter 22: The Last That Could Be Done Semirhage, Rand
Chapter 23: A Warp in the Air Cadsuane
Chapter 24: A New Commitment Gawyn
Chapter 25: In Darkness Sheriam, Egwene
Chapter 26: A Crack in the Stone Aviendha, Romanda
Chapter 27: The Tipsy Gelding Mat
Chapter 28: Night in Hinderstap Mat
Chapter 29: Into Bandar Eban Rand
Chapter 30: Old Advice Gawyn
Chapter 31: A Promise to Lews Therin Cadsuane, Rand
Chapter 32: River of Shadows Nynaeve
Chapter 33: A Conversation with the Dragon Nynaeve
Chapter 34: Legends Mat
Chapter 35: A Halo of Blackness Rand, Tuon
Chapter 36: The Death of Tuon Mat, Fortuona
Chapter 37: A Force of Light Min
Chapter 38: News in Tel’aran’rhiod Egwene
Chapter 39: A Visit from Verin Sedai Egwene
Chapter 40: The Tower Shakes Siuan, Egwene, Adelorna
Chapter 41: A Fount of Power Gawyn, Siuan, Egwene, Gareth, Saerin, Elaida
Chapter 42: Before the Stone of Tear Rand
Chapter 43: Sealed to the Flame Egwene, Jesse Bilal, Siuan
Chapter 44: Scents Unknown Nynaeve
Chapter 45: The Tower Stands Egwene
Chapter 46: To be Forged Again Egwene
Chapter 47: The One He Lost Rand
Chapter 48: Reading the Commentary Min
Chapter 49: Just Another Man Rand
Chapter 50: Veins of Gold Rand
Epilogue: Bathed in Light Egwene

Towers of Midnight

Chapter Point of view
Prologue: Distinctions Lan, Perrin, Graendal, Galad, Fain, Malenarin Rai
Chapter 1: Apples First Almen Bunt
Chapter 2: Questions of Leadership Perrin, Galad
Chapter 3: The Amyrlin's Anger Egwene, Siuan, Egwene
Chapter 4: The Pattern Groans Perrin
Chapter 5: Writings Gawyn, Egwene, Graendal
Chapter 6: Questioning Intentions Morgase
Chapter 7: Lighter than a Feather Lan, Galad, Perrin, Galad, Perrin, Galad, Perrin, Galad, Perrin
Chapter 8: The Seven-Striped Lass Mat
Chapter 9: Blood in the Air Mat
Chapter 10: After the Taint Perrin, Galad
Chapter 11: An Unexpected Letter Elayne
Chapter 12: An Empty Ink Bottle Min, Cadsuane
Chapter 13: For What Has Been Wrought Min
Chapter 14: A Vow Egwene
Chapter 15: Use a Pebble Nynaeve, Egwene
Chapter 16: Shanna'har Faile, Perrin
Chapter 17: Partings, and a Meeting Mat, Elayne
Chapter 18: The Strength of This Place Perrin, Ituralde, Faile
Chapter 19: Talk of Dragons Mat
Chapter 20: A Choice Nynaeve
Chapter 21: An Open Gate Perrin, Ituralde, Morgase
Chapter 22: The End of a Legend Gawyn, Mat, Birgitte
Chapter 23: Foxheads Elayne, Gawyn, Lan
Chapter 24: To Make a Stand Elayne, Ituralde, Perrin
Chapter 25: Return to Bandar Eban Min
Chapter 26: Parley Perrin, Galad
Chapter 27: A Call to Stand Egwene
Chapter 28: Oddities Faile, Perrin, Ituralde
Chapter 29: A Terrible Feeling Faile, Morgase, Perrin, Elayne
Chapter 30: Men Dream Here Faile, Perrin
Chapter 31: Into the Void Mat
Chapter 32: A Storm of Light Ituralde, Min
Chapter 33: A Good Soup Siuan, Perrin, Gawyn
Chapter 34: Judgement Perrin, Faile, Perrin
Chapter 35: The Right Thing Egwene, Perrin, Galad, Perrin
Chapter 36: An Invitation Egwene, Perrin
Chapter 37: Darkness in the Tower Gawyn, Egwene, Perrin, Gawyn, Perrin, Egwene, Perrin, Gawyn, Mesaana, Perrin
Chapter 38: Wounds Egwene, Perrin, Egwene, Perrin, Graendal
Chapter 39: In the Three-fold Land Aviendha
Chapter 40: A Making Perrin, Faile, Perrin, Galad, Perrin
Chapter 41: An Unexpected Ally Galad, Perrin, Galad, Perrin, Galad
Chapter 42: Stronger than Blood Gawyn, Lan
Chapter 43: Some Tea Galad, Alliandre
Chapter 44: A Backhanded Request Morgase, Perrin
Chapter 45: A Reunion Elayne, Aviendha
Chapter 46: Working Leather Androl Genhald
Chapter 47: A Teaching Chamber Faile, Tuon, Perrin
Chapter 48: Near Avendesora Aviendha
Chapter 49: Court of the Sun Aviendha
Chapter 50: Choosing Enemies Elayne
Chapter 51: A Testing Min, Cadsuane
Chapter 52: Boots Elayne, Mat
Chapter 53: Gateways Pevara, Perrin, Mat
Chapter 54: The Light of the World Mat
Chapter 55: The One Left Behind Mat
Chapter 56: Something Wrong Egwene, Androl Genhald
Chapter 57: A Rabbit for Supper Mat
Epilogue: And After Graendal, Perrin, Olver, Barriga, Rand, Lan

A Memory of Light

Chapter Point of view
Prologue: By Grace and Banners Fallen Bayrd, Talmanes, Isam, Talmanes, Leilwin, Talmanes, Aviendha, Talmanes, Androl, Talmanes, Moghedien, Talmanes
Chapter 1: Eastward the Wind Blew Rand, Egwene, Rand
Chapter 2: The Choice of an Ajah Pevara, Aviendha
Chapter 3: A Dangerous Place Androl, Rand, Pevara
Chapter 4: Advantages to a Bond Androl, Rand, Pevara
Chapter 5: To Require a Boon Rand, Egwene
Chapter 6: A Knack Perrin, Lan
Chapter 7: Into the Thick of It Elayne, Lan
Chapter 8: That Smoldering City Elayne, Androl
Chapter 9: To Die Well Lan, Egwene, Rand
Chapter 10: The Use of Dragons Perrin, Elayne, Androl, Lan
Chapter 11: Just Another Sell-sword Egwene, Mat
Chapter 12: A Shard of a Moment Birgitte, Rand, Perrin
Chapter 13: What Must Be Done Egwene, Elayne, Perrin
Chapter 14: Doses of Forkroot Perrin, Androl, Perrin, Androl
Chapter 15: Your Neck in a Cord Mat, Rand, Mat
Chapter 16: A Silence Like Screaming Loial, Galad, Rand, Moiraine, Lan
Chapter 17: Older, More Weathered Mat
Chapter 18: To Feel Wasted Gawyn, Rand, Lan
Chapter 19: The Choice of a Patch Elayne, Egwene, Mat
Chapter 20: Into Thakan'dar Egwene, Aviendha
Chapter 21: Not a Mistake to Ignore Siuan, Lyrelle, Pevara
Chapter 22: The Wyld Egwene, Perrin
Chapter 23: At the Edge of Time Gawyn, Egwene, Aviendha, Rand
Chapter 24: To Ignore the Omens Fortuona, Lan, Elayne, Rodel
Chapter 25: Quick Fragments Siuan, Rand, Lan, Perrin
Chapter 26: Considerations Egwene, Elayne
Chapter 27: Friendly Fire Gareth Bryne, Min
Chapter 28: Too Many Men Lan, Loial, Mat
Chapter 29: The Loss of a Hill Egwene, Lan, Mat
Chapter 30: The Way of the Predator Perrin, Rand, Elayne
Chapter 31: A Tempest of Water Egwene, Rodel, Egwene
Chapter 32: A Yellow Flower-Spider Mat, Galad
Chapter 33: The Prince's Tabac Perrin, Faile, Aviendha
Chapter 34: Drifting Rand, Perrin, Faile, Aviendha
Chapter 35: A Practiced Grin Olver, Cadsuane, Faile
Chapter 36: Unchangeable Things Nynaeve, Mat, Perrin
Chapter 37: The Last Battle Lan, Elayne, Uno, Logain, Gawyn, Tam, Pevara, Rand, Galad, Egwene, Faile, Perrin, Androl, Rhuarc, Silviana, Min, Demandred, Juilin, Fortuona, Bashere, Arganda, Olver, Leane, Talmanes, Ila, Hurin, Berelain, Taim
Chapter 38: The Place That Was Not Rand, Shendla, Loial
Chapter 39: Those Who Fight Rand, Mat, The Dark One, Olver, Elayne, Lan
Chapter 40: Wolfbrother Elayne, Aviendha, Mat, Grady
Chapter 41: A Smile Pevara, Moghedien, Talmanes
Chapter 42: Impossibilities Aviendha, Mishraile, Pevara, Aviendha
Chapter 43: A Field of Glass Logain, Mat, Rand, Aviendha
Chapter 44: Two Craftsmen Perrin, Thom
Chapter 45: Tendrils of Mist Mat, Fain, Gaul
Chapter 46: To Awaken Rand, Nynaeve, Perrin, Mat
Chapter 47: Watching the Flow Writhe Aviendha, Fain, Perrin, Rand
Chapter 48: A Brilliant Lance Elayne, Thom, Min, Aviendha, Logain
Chapter 49: Light and Shadow Perrin, Rand, Moiraine
Epilogue: To See the Answer Rand, Mat, Perrin, Loial, Mat, Perrin, Moghedien, Nynaeve, Perrin, Birgitte, Tam, Min, Rand, Cadsuane, Rand

New Spring - the Novel

Chapter Point of view
Chapter 1: The Hook al'Lan Mandragoran
Chapter 2: A Wish Fulfilled Moiraine
Chapter 3: Practice Moiraine
Chapter 4: Leaving the Tower Moiraine
Chapter 5 The Human Heart Moiraine
Chapter 6: Surprises Moiraine
Chapter 7: The Itch Moiraine
Chapter 8: Shreds of Serenity Moiraine
Chapter 9: It Begins Moiraine
Chapter 10: It Finishes Moiraine
Chapter 11: Just Before Dawn Moiraine
Chapter 12: Entering Home Moiraine, al'Lan Mandragoran, Siuan
Chapter 13: Business in the City Moiraine
Chapter 14: Changes Moiraine
Chapter 15: Into Canluum al'Lan Mandragoran
Chapter 16: The Deeps al'Lan Mandragoran
Chapter 17: An Arrival Moiraine
Chapter 18: A Narrow Passage Moiraine
Chapter 19: Pond Water Moiraine
Chapter 20: Breakfast in Manala al'Lan Mandragoran
Chapter 21: Some Tricks of the Power al'Lan Mandragoran, Moiraine
Chapter 22: Keeping Custom al'Lan Mandragoran
Chapter 23: The Evening Star Moiraine
Chapter 24: Making Use of Invisibility Moiraine
Chapter 25: An Answer Moiraine
Chapter 26: When to Surrender Moiraine, al'Lan Mandragoran
Epilogue Moiraine