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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Nerion is a member of Cha Faile, the society of Cairhienin and Tairens imitating the Aiel who have sworn themselves to Faile (CoT, Ch. 5).

He is Cairhienin (CoT, Ch. 5).

Perrin uses Nerion and Haviar as spies in Masema's camp (CoT, Ch. 5).


  • Nerion and Haviar are spying on Masema's camp (CoT, Ch. 5).
  • Selande gives Perrin a report from Haviar of the things that he and Nerion have learned in Masema's camp. Firstly, Masema has sent another rider back to Amadicia. Nerion tried to follow, but lost him. Perrin tells Selande that Nerion and Haviar are not to follow anybody, only watch, listen and report. Secondly, there are Altarans among Masema's followers; Perrin wants them to stay clear of them. Thirdly, Masuri and Annoura have been meeting with Masema. Perrin wants a close eye kept on them (CoT, Ch. 5).
  • When Masema appears in Perrin’s camp, Balwer has Nerion and Haviar keep out of sight, just in case. Perrin wonders if it might be best if they stayed away from Masema’s camp for good (KoD, Ch. 29).


  • Perrin tells Selande that she, Nerion and Haviar have done a good job, and that Faile would be proud if she knew (CoT, Ch. 5).
  • Perrin tells Selande to have Nerion and Haviar watch out for Masuri and Annoura, and see if they can eavesdrop on one of their conversations (CoT, Ch. 5).
  • Balwer warns Perrin against questioning Masuri about meeting with Masema, as it might lead her to Nerion and Haviar (CoT, Ch. 5).
  • Berelain knows about Nerion and Haviar. Perrin thinks that likely, her thiefcatchers have seen them (CoT, Ch. 6).


"Tell Nerion I said he isn't to follow anybody," Perrin told her sharply. "And tell Haviar the same. They should know that! They are to watch, listen, and report what they see and hear, no more. Do you understand me?" (Perrin to Selande; Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 5).