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If you feel a person has violated our Code of Conduct in their interaction with you, you should inform your Community Administrator. Visitors and others who are not members of TarValon.Net, do not have a specific community representative, but the Mayor would be happy to assist you. They will investigate the matter and if the complaint is upheld, the person will be subject to disciplinary procedures. This also applies if someone feels you have violated our community standards.


If a person is judged to have violated the site rules, they are subject to discipline by the Hall, up to and including suspension or termination of membership.


Occasionally, two members may have an issue that is not covered by the code of conduct, but which negatively affects their experience. In these situations, we may recommend mediation. This is not a requirement.

Chain of Command

If you are unsatisfied with the response of the Community Administrator, then you can escalate the incident to the Director of Membership. This is not for when the Hall has found there to be no issue, or has dealt with it in a way you feel is insufficient.

Unusual Circumstances

In rare circumstances, where a person’s presence is considered harmful to the site, or their conduct is so egregious that immediate action is required, the Amyrlin has the right to bypass the Hall and suspend membership.

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