Lord of Chaos: Chapter 31

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Author: Val a'Shain

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Red Wax

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Points of View: Eamon Valda, Pedron Niall, Morgase, Rhadam Asunawa


Eamon Valda returns to Amador and talks with Dain Bornhald and Rhadam Asunawa. Morgase agrees to sign a treaty with Pedron Niall after her escape plans are ruined.


Eamon Valda's Point of View:

Setting: The Fortress of the Light

Characters: Eamon Valda, Dain Bornhald, Rhadam Asunawa

After a swift journey from Tar Valon Eamon Valda returns to Amador. He is greeted by Dain Bornhald. Valda can smell the brandy on his breath. The loss of his father at Falme and his experiences in the Two Rivers must have severely shaken the man. Not that it is an excuse of course. Valda's orders trouble him. A good push might have toppled the crippled Tower. What he has seen along the way doesn't ease his mind either. al'Thor has the Lion Throne, Altara is wrecked by Dragonsworn and the Prophet is active in Ghealdan and Amadicia itself.

He heard one rumour he didn't believe. Morgase is in Amador. In Andor they seem to think she is dead. Bornhald confirms Niall holds her in the Fortress. A Tower trained woman under the Dome of Truth! Niall is growing soft. He tells Bornhald he expects him for dinner that night, and expects him to be sober. Then he moves on to stable his horse.

Valda is approached by a Questioner who suggests he may want to visit the Dome of Truth. Valda takes the hint and after looking at paintings and banners of past Whitecloak victories he meets Rhadam Asunawa there. Like most Children Valda doesn't like the Questioners. He considers them cowards. Asunawa says he thinks Niall should not be allowed to destroy the Children. Valda considers this for a while and says he is prepared to listen.

Pedron Niall's Point of View:

Setting: The Fortress of the Light

Characters: Pedron Niall, Balwer

From his window Niall sees an angry Valda stalk away. He would have left the man at Tar Valon if it had been possible. But he has more pressing matters to worry about at present. He has received another message from Tanchico. After checking to see if the red wax is intact he reads it. More nonsense about leashed Aes Sedai and monsters. Yet something about the message tickles his mind. He asks Balwer for news from the west but there is nothing new. All patrols who venture too far west just disappear. Niall decides to send in another spy. He needs information but he will act on the feeling if he can't get it. Balwer seems to be insulted at his masters distrust of the information supplied by the spymaster. It can't be helped.

Morgase's Point of View:

Setting: The Fortress of the Light

Characters: Morgase, Tallanvor

Morgase goes over their escape plans again. Soon she will be out of the Fortress and over the border. Tallanvor doesn't seem to trust Paitr and Lini seems to agree. Still she intends to go through with it. Then Basel Gill pokes his head in and announces a Questioner. Did Niall lose his patience after all? The Questioner, Einor Saren, has come to take Morgase to Niall. Morgase will not show fear and doesn't take any attendants. Saren insists on taking the shortest way and when they pass the gallows where an execution is about to take place Morgase understands why. Torwyn Barshaw and Paitr are among the convicted. They are hanged before her eyes. Niall has lost his patience it seems.

When she is admitted in Niall's office she realizes she no longer has a choice. She tells Niall she will sign his treaty. Niall seems surprised but the papers are provided quickly. Morgase is not the first Queen to invite foreign forces into Andor. It might take the rest of her life and that of Elayne to undo this. She asks Niall when he intends to move the legions and he replies that it will not be as soon as he hoped. There are other developments that hold Niall's attention. Morgase is surprised. She will be in the Fortress a bit longer. Time to work on Niall it seems. Pretending to be defeated she asks Niall if he plays stones.

Rhadam Asunawa's Point of View:

Setting: The Fortress of the Light

Characters: Asunawa, Einor Saren

Asunawa is puzzled by Morgase's reaction to the executions. Saren doesn't seem to think it is strange though. He does report nobody bothered to ask if any of them had a connection to Morgase but Asunawa is not interested in that. She must continue to resist Niall or his plans will go awry. He can already see her trial and execution. "Let's hope she continues to resist," he tells Saren.

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