List of Hills

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Hills of Absher: Located in the eastern part of Andor. They are difficult to travel through and little lives there.

Black Hills: Located south of Kandor and Saldaea, to the northeast of the Caralain Grass, and east of Tar Valon. They are remote. Ethenielle thinks that they are more like mountains.

Cordese Hills: Located to the west of Ebou Dar in Altara.

Cumbar Hills: Located south of Lugard in Murandy.

Doirlon Hills:Located near the border of Illian at the edge of the Plains of Maredo

Sand Hills: Located in the Two Rivers in Andor. They lie at the feet of the Mountains of Mist.

Splintered Hills: Located in Coremanda during the Years AB. They are no longer called this name. They lie in what is today Murandy.

Stag's Stand: The highest hill in Canluum, at the center of the city. Lord Marcasiev’s palace covers the peak.

Tunaighan Hills: Located in Andor.

Kaensada Hills: Located in Seanchan