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Complied by Ariadne Davion

Winterdawn Lightheart
I admit, I don't do all that much slippering though... perhaps gotta raise them all?
Raevyn Tsornin
Should there be more punishments? A Haiku from everyone!!
Ealandrelle Melyma
Poké Em Oh En
She strives for the raising of all
Supremely dedicated to her cause.
Marivea al'Corriyi
Lovely PokéMoN
A modern hippie lady;
home-makes everything.
Alora Sionn
The novice mistress
Her slippering arm is weak
Alora will help :D
Wondering I ask
Do ":D's" count as syllables?
I think that they might.
Please Mari Sedai
Don't count my smile against me
It makes not a sound
Elorenya d'Rahien
Here's to our jolly M-o-N,
That darling little lady!
The quick ones, she raises,
The good ones, she praises,
And slippers all the naughty!
Sorry, I just wasn't feeling Haiku as a format. :look
Ariadne Davion
What is a Haiku
that it carries seven syllables?
this gray does not care.

This also must be
recorded to the wiki
'cause i roll like that
How awesome! Poems
all dedicated to me,
cheering up rough day.
Rayonin Charin
Coffee on to brew
I greet again the bright sun
I should go to sleep.
This poor Accepted
Forgot how haikus are made
Syllables not words.
Belgareth Kiarc
I was like baby
Baby baby oh, baby
Baby baby no
Yes, that's right. Justin Bieber uses Haiku.
(Commentary Ensues)
Amarande al'Kalin
Start with just the five.
Now good poets add seven.
Such is a haiku.
Good, Amarande!1
That is a haiku I like
screw Justin Bieber.
1.Assuming that "Amarande" is pronounced "ah-mah-rand-eh" and not "Ah-mah-raend"
This thread is awesome
Your poems beggar belief
I am entertained
Glad am I to hear
that our poems entertain
otherwise sad souls.
The boys and their fun
to put in the wiki or...
Bad Bel and his 'ber..
What a fantastic
compilation you have made
I truly approve
The Ajah of Gray
poets both classic and sage
Grays master haiku
Aran Cherubim
C-Combo breaker.
Yeah, gotcha now, biznatches.
Wait, what? Oh god damn.
Good morning, all!
'm off to get my hair cut,
And other errands
You are all oh so
crazy but I like it much
carry on your fun
Thank you for that!
I enjoy creating smiles
in a stressful world.
Missing syllables
a poetic flaw observed
naughty girl Mari
Hey there, hi, hello!
Greetings and salutations!
How are you today?
Travesties observed!
Count your syllables with care.
Or face awful shame.
The day goeth well,
It is a relaxing day,
Without need for work.
My day is lazy
I'm avoiding my errands.
Later is better.
How can you keep this
Going for so long without
Losing ideas!
Just about any-

thing can be said in the form of a haiku.

Badgers assemble
Call issued "Mushroom mushroom"
Apologies all
Edited version includes creation of new super hero. Spoon Girl.
Badgers assemble
Call issued "Mushroom mushroom"
Sorry said Spoon Girl.
Hey guys! I'm chillin

Watching the hubs play fallout No more worktime please?

Half my errands run;
The other half still undone
Is it time for naps?
Belgareth, my friend!
What a brilliant haiku!
And quite amusing.
Enelya, my dear,
When one protests their nickname,
It sticks much faster.
Enelya al'Morna
Elays Saeryn
Unfortunate how I
while at work with no mind
missed the haiku
Puppy's tight lipped stare
Expressing disapproval
And yet is too cute
Ealandrelle Melyma
Bowing emoticon
She bows before me
In high praise of my haiku
You're welcome shen'dar
I love the cadence
The beat of one's heart and soul
Sings through the haiku
poetry expressed,
through cadence pure and precise.
singing from the heart.
Belgareth Kiarc
A name in haiku meter
I must be perfect?
Farts farts farts farts farts.
See what I did there you guys?
Haiku from my butt.
Quite mature, Aran.
I'm so fond of flatul-eeze.
A distinguished tongue.
This may be the best
thread ever. Writing haiku
like this is so fun
It is a challenge,
speaking in syllabic lines.
Intriguing indeed.


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