Ewin Finngar

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Author: Joinyce al'Torani


Ewin Finngar is a youth from the Two Rivers.

As a child Ewin is a small, annoying little boy. He is a little chunky, but not fat. After he grows up he gas a strong, deep voice that Perrin describes as being the "voice of a bull." He grew up into a "tall, lean-faced man with wide shoulders." (TEotW, Ch. 2; TSR, Ch. 43). Rand, Perrin and Mat are four years older than him, but he is around the same age as Faile (TEotW, Ch. 2; LoC, Prologue). He is excitable and loyal to Perrin and the Two Rivers but wants to have an adventure.


  • Ewin is just a little kid who wants to be friends with Mat, Rand and Perrin, but Mat takes a humor in this by tricking Ewin into believing that ghost hounds are haunting Emond's Field. He plays an important role because he notifies Mat and Rand of two strangers that came into Emond's Field. He believes that Moiraine is a Lady and Lan is in service to her. However, after talking to Moiraine and receiving a silver penny from her he makes the comment that Lan could be a Warder (TEotW, Ch. 2).
  • Ewin is reunited with Perrin after his return to the Two Rivers. Perrin can hardly believe how much he has grown up. Ewin informs Perrin of how Lord Luc has been running things and explains how life has changed within the Two Rivers (TSR, Ch. 43).
  • Faile is told by the women of Emond's Field that Ewin has run off with several other Two Rivers boys to see the world and have an adventure like Perrin had (LoC, Prologue).


Ewin looks up to Perrin. He sees a man who has gotten away from the Two Rivers and lived in a world beyond dreams. Fighting Trollocs gave him a sense of what that might be like.

Although Ewin likes Mat, Mat still picks on him. Mat just sees him as a little kid. He is jealous of Mat and Rand because they are older and get to do more.

Ewin receives a silver penny from Moiraine and thinks that she and Lan are just wonderful. He also gets along with Alanna Sedai and Verin Sedai after they arrive in the Two Rivers.


"Her name is Moiraine. I heard him say it. Moiraine he called her. The Lady Moiraine. His name is Lan. The Wisdom may not like her, but I do." (Ewin to Rand and Mat; The Eye of the World, Chapter 2).

Ewin nodded with a broad grin. "We've been hearing all about you, Perrin," he said in that surprising bass, "fighting Trollocs, and having all kinds of adventures out in the world, so they say. I can still call you Perrin, can't I?" (Ewin to Perrin; The Shadow Rising, Chapter 43).