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Yellow FAQ

(August 3rd 2009)

  • What does it mean when we say, "I am a Yellow Aes Sedai at"

A simple question with a complex and multi-flavored answer. The answer varies much depending on the woman being asked. Below you will find a myriad of aspects to this question and a cornucopia of responses. Enjoy your sojourn in the Sun.

  • Why choose the Yellow Ajah?

Although Yellows don't have the ability to physically heal someone, nor do they always work in medicine, they do always try their best to provide support and care to those who need emotional healing. They are always there when you need a friend, or just a kind word. All Ajahs are families. However, Yellows pride themselves on really providing the love and close-knit relationships that make up real life families. They are always on the forefront of any problem you may have, sending a helping hand, kind thoughts, advice, or just a hug if you need it. I've always admired anybody who does this in their day-to-day lives, and I've also been the person my friends or colleagues come to in times of need. So, really, I just saw a part of myself in the ladies who had gathered under the banner of the Yellow Ajah. ~ Analaiya na'Imrath

Because they took the time to get to know me and made me feel special. ~ Inanna Landred

I felt “at home” when I guested. I am a wife and mother, so the nurturing feeling was something I really connected with, also I really felt that what the Ajah stands for was what meshed with my personality and interests. Plus the Aes Sedai and their Warders are just the best! ~ Cimorene Traconnen

I chose the Yellow Ajah because it fulfills a part of my life that is important to me. It has helped me to focus and define that portion of myself that always desires to reach out to others and the impetus I have to leave behind me seeds of healing, love and hope. My interests in herbs, nutrition and holistic philosophy is a part of my personal definition of being a Yellow. ~ Estalia Walburga

  • How is the Yellow Ajah different from the other Ajah's on Tar

Without having intimate inside knowledge about the other Ajahs, my impression is that our focus (generally speaking) is more on what goes on inside our own Ajah, on being a close-knit group of individuals who have a keen interest in the lives of our fellow Sisters, and very much want to make the Ajah a place where people want to come to for refuge or support, rather than being all over the boards and mingling/interacting with lots of different people. ~ Inanna Landred

I feel that we attract a unique type of woman, one for whom helping others is a priority in her life. ~ Caiti na Shaheen

I think we maybe are more focused on being active in our own little group than being active on the boards (as in participating with a detailed theme or plan for holidays here). I'm not saying we're not social (on the contrary even), but just not in a very open and 'tadaa-here-we-are-way'. I also think it's easier to get to know everyone in a smaller group than a larger one. ~ Alyssa Letherio

I felt the “Yellows” were a more concerned with nurturing with an interested in wellness and in everyone they talked to in general! ~ Cimorene Traconnen

  • What does it mean to be Yellow Ajah? What are the goals of the Yellow Ajah?

Being a Yellow (to me) means standing back and observing more often than being right in the middle of things. Being aware of those around you and helping those in need, if even in a small way like simply acknowledging someone's presence. Being approachable and easy to talk to without judging. ~ Inanna Landred

Yellow sisters tend to be friendly women who enjoy the company of others and assisting in any way needed. ~ Caiti na Shaheen

Yellow means trust, loyalty and care for me. You'll never find a Yellow who hasn't got the time to listen or give advice. Taking care of others is our main goal, whether we support, give advice or just lend a shoulder to cry on. ~ Alyssa Letherio

I would say “our” goals are to continue and always try to improve in the support to the members of TarValon, as well as in the growth of our own Ajah and in ourselves. ~ Cimorene Traconnen

  • Which qualities do you see most in Yellow? Which qualities do you not see in Yellow?

We are all individuals, as well as Yellows, and as a group we possess a wide range of qualities as different as petals on a flower. I don't think any particular Ajah is served by trying to squeeze into a cliche. ~ Inanna Landred

Every Yellow is a caring person. Definitely. Each one in her own way, which makes us a very varied group. I also think we're very flexible, since we're all such different types of persons, but still forming a tight group. I also find the Yellow ladies strong, but that counts for every lady here. No matter what happens, things will settle themselves in time : there's always sunshine at the end of the tunnel. On the opposite I think we quickly do take things personal. Dealing with emotions of others often affects your own emotions, which can be hard sometimes. I also think not a lot of us have got much computer skills. ~ Alyssa Letherio

Willingness to listen, give sound advice, be truthful and fair, and otherwise, be a very loving person. Some qualities that I don't see in Yellow are over-socialization outside the Ajah, mean-spiritedness, and disloyalty. ~ Mackiya al'Mora

Nurturing, service, a knowledge in overall wellness, a genuine caring nature to each other and those we come to know and having lots of fun are the first things that come to mind when I think of our qualities. ~ Cimorene Traconnen

  • What is the best thing about the Yellow Ajah? What is the worst thing?

The best about the Yellow Ajah: The laughter, the warmth, the silliness and the sense of "family". The worst: Sometimes there's a tad too much drama. ~ Inanna Landred

The best thing is the connection I have with my sisters, and being in a place that cultivates my interests and helps me improve on the person I am. The worst thing, I’ll have to get back to you on that one I honestly can’t think of one? ~ Cimorene Traconnen

What contributions have the Yellows made to

No more or less than any other Ajah. ~ Inanna Landred

We tend to try to keep people talking in our threads, though we're not very active as an Ajah since most of us keep pretty busy. ~ Caiti na Shaheen

The Yellows are always great about helping out fellow members whenever there is a need that requires some snuggles and encouragement! ~ Cimorene Traconnen

  • How are the Yellows different from the book Yellows?

People sometimes forget the Yellow Ajah in the books are more than just Nynaeve. I think we are different because all women are different. No 10 women put together will ever be the same. ~ Inanna Landred

We are not closed minded and shallow.. as I found the Yellows in the books to be... we are very open minded and loving, open minded about everything and everyone! ~ Estalia Walburga

I don’t think we tug our hair half as much as Nynaeve! Plus we are not an Ajah solely interested in medicinal care, we have a lot of interests and a variety of ways that we reach out and help others. ~ Cimorene Traconnen

  • Why Tea?

Beats me, coffee all the way here. ~ Inanna Landred

Why not? :shrug ~ Mackiya al'Mora

Tea is a great symbol of warmth, goodness, nurturing and comfort! Apart from the symbolism it is a perfect coordinating piece to the Ajah that assists with wellness as that is a primary interest we share. ~ Cimorene Traconnen

The offer of a cup of tea symbolizes warmth, hospitality and friendship. There are many healing qualities in teas as well, but mostly.. because it says, "Here, sit, rest your cares for a while and enjoy our company." ~ Estalia Walburga

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