Character Glossary Z

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn

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Zaida din Parede Blackwing: The Wavemistress of Clan Catelar of the Atha'an Miere. Due to a Bargain with Elayne Trakand which allows the Sea Folk to govern one square mile of Andor, she is elected the new Mistress of the Ships. Her Windfinder is Shielyn.

Zaired Elbar: A Seanchan Soldier and a Darkfriend. He was in Suroth's service. He was killed in 'Knife of Dreams.'

Zakai: A damane from Seanchan.

Zang: A member of the Younglings who does not want to become a Warder. Gawyn agrees to ask Chubain if he and the others like him can join the Tower Guard.

Zanica: An Aes Sedai of undetermined Ajah; she is one of Elaida's Aes Sedai. She participates in capturing Leane. She has a Warder. She is discovered to be a member of the Black Ajah.

Zarbayan, Devore: A Bannerwoman of the Queen's Guard in Andor.

Zarbey, Seta: A sul'dam who discovered she could learn to channel after being collared by an a'dam and eventually headed to the White Tower

Zarine Bashere: A young woman from Saldaea; Davram and Deira Bashere's daughter; Maedin's sister. She is married to Perrin Aybara and prefers to be called Faile. She was taken gai'shain by the Shaido, but is rescued by Perrin.

Zarya Alkaese: A runaway novice. She is originally from Saldaea. After running away from the Tower, she becomes a Kinswoman and a merchant. She changes her name to Garenia Rosoinde. When Adeleas Namelle finds out about her, she is put in novice white again and supervised by Vandene Namelle.

Zavion Gahaur: A noblewoman from Saldaea and one of Deira Bashere's attendants; the Lady of Gahaur.

Zeami, Bethamin: A sul'dam who discovered she could learn to channel after being collared by an a'dam and eventually headed to the White Tower

Zeffar, Sharmad: A refugee from Arad Doman in the Two Rivers

Zemaille: An Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah; one of Elaida's Aes Sedai. She works in the Library of the White Tower. She is originally one of the Sea Folk.

Zenare Ghodar: An Aes Sedai of the Yellow Ajah. She is aligned with the rebel Aes Sedai.

Zepava, Comarra: An Amyrlin Seat early in the New era

Zera: The innkeeper of The Bunch of Grapes in Cairhien. She is an acquaintance of Thom Merrilin. By her accents and dark skin, she is not originally from Cairhien.

Zerah Dacan: An Aes Sedai of the White Ajah; she is aligned with the rebel Aes Sedai. She is one of the spies who are sent back to the White Tower to spread rumors of Logain and the Red Ajah. She is discovered by Doesine, Pevara, Saerin, Seaine and Yukiri and has to swear an oath to obey them.

Zeram: A bootmaker from Far Madding. He is married to Milsa.

Zeramene, Asne: An Aes Sedai of the Black Ajah who fled the White Tower with Liandrin. She was killed by Windfinders outside of Caemlyn

Zeranda Tyrim: An Amyrlin Seat raised from the Brown Ajah.

Zhell: Zhell is an officer in Ituralde's army in the Borderlands.

Zheres: A historical figure. He was the first man to kiss Mathera, who fell head over heels for him and pursued him afterwards.

Zigane, Asra: A Kinswoman.

Zorelle: An Aes Sedai at the end of the Age of Legends. Her personal Da'shain Aiel was Nalla.

Zushi: A Sea Folk Windfinder. She is made damane by the Seanchan; most likely Zushi is not her real name.