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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Wade, Cinny: a person in the song "The Marriage of Cinny Wade".

Wagoner, Kert: A man from the Two Rivers in Perrin's camp

Wakeda: A nobleman from Arad Doman. He is now Dragonsworn. He is killed fighting for Rodel outside Maradon

Walishen: A Princess from the tale the Marriage and Death of Princess Walishen

Wallein: An Atha'an Miere woman. She is a Wavemistress.

Wan, Manda: An Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah who took part in the Battle of Merrilor.

Warrel, Elin: An Accepted, raised to Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah during the Tower Split

Washim: A Malkieri that fought with Lan at Tarwin's Gap during the Last Battle

Wat: A man from Andor. He was a member of the Band of the Red Hand. He was killed by the gholam.

Waylin: Bonded to Rina Hafden.

Weilin Aldragoran: A man from Malkier. He is married to Alida Aldragoran and works as a merchant in Saldaea. He pledges to ride with Lan and catches up with him in Arafel

Weiramon Saniago: One of the High Lords of Tear. He supports Rand. He seems to be involved with Anaiyella and has been revealed as a Darkfriend

Wellin, Mistress: One of the clerks in the White Tower during the Aiel War.

Welyn Kajima: A man from Arafel. He is an Asha'man who holds the rank of Dedicated. He has bonded Jenare.

Whatley Eldin: A man from Emond's Field in the Two Rivers, Andor.

Whelborn: A Domani killed protecting Rodel

Whisperer: A wolf

White Eyes: A wolf Perrin meets in tel'aran'rhiod

White Tail: A wolf.

Widow al'Thone: A woman from Emond's Field

Aynal, Widow: A historical character; she was a woman from the Two Rivers. There is a meadow named after her, though no one can remember which Widow Aynal it was.

Wil: Perrin's cousin

Wil al'Caar: A man from Emond's Field in the Two Rivers, Andor. His parents are Paet and Nela al'Caar.

Wil al'Seen: A man from Deven Ride in the Two Rivers, Andor. He accompanies Perrin out of the Two Rivers to Caemlyn, Cairhien, Ghealdan and then to Malden, Altara.

Wilbin Saems: A man from Caemlyn, Andor. He was a merchant before he died.

Wildfire: A wolf.

Will Reeve A member of the Band of the Red Hand who was killed by the gholam

Willa Mandair: One of the names on Moiraine's list of possible mothers of the Dragon Reborn.

Willim Avarhin: A nobleman from Andor. His daughter was Shiaine Avarhin. He and his daughter were killed by Mili Skane.

Willim of Manaches: A historical character; he was the author of a book named Essays of Willim Manaches.

Willim: A historical character; he was one of the Jenn Aiel during the Breaking of the World. His parents were Alnora and Jonai and his siblings were Adan and Esole. He had the ability to channel and so left his family.

Willin Mantear: A nobleman from Andor. He is Perival Mantear's guardian.

Win Lewin: A boy from the Two Rivers in Andor.

Wind: A wolf.

Winter Dawn: A wolf.

Wit al'Seen: A farmer from the Two Rivers in Andor.

Wit Congar: A man from Emond's Field in the Two Rivers, Andor. He is married to Daise Congar.

Wuan: A Whitecloak.

Wynn, Cyril: The son of Jac and Susa Wynn.

Wynn, Jac: A Murandian man killed outside Tar Valon during the Aiel War

Wynn, Susa: A Murandian woman who receives the Tower's bounty of one hundred gold crowns during the Aiel War.

Wynter, Teryl: One of Seonid Traighan's Warders