Character Glossary O

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Author: Atarah al'Norahn

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Oak Dancer: The leader of a wolf pack of a good dozen wolves in Tel'aran'rhiod encountered by Perrin

Ocalin, Sabeine:

Okatomo, Niach:

Old Bain: A man from Andor. He is a farmer.

Old Cully: A man from Ebou Dar, Altara. He is a beggar and a Darkfriend.

Old Deer: A wolf.

Olver: A boy from Cairhien. He is an orphan. He has been taken in by Mat and travels with him.

Omerna, Abdel:

Oncala: One of Aviendha and Rand's granddaughters

Ondin, Daerid:

Orande, Faolain:

Orander: A fictional character in the story "Mara and the Three Foolish Kings".

Orban: A nobleman. He is a Hunter of the Horn.

Orator: A Whitecloak who Byar claims would be able to back up his claims of Perrin killing Children of the Light

Oren Dautry: A man from the Two Rivers in Andor. He farms in the Westwood.

Ortis: A man from Mayene. He is a squadman in the Winged Guards.

Osan'gar: The reincarnation of Balthamel. He posed as an Asha'man named Corlan Dashiva. He was killed by Elza Penfell at Shadar Logoth.

Osana: A noblewoman from Arad Doman. She is now one of Graendal's servants.

Oselle: A historical character; she was an Aes Sedai during the Breaking of the World.

Osiellin, Amondrid:

Osiellin, Belevaere:

Ospenya, Tamra:

Otarin: A historical character; he is a Hero of the Horn.

Owein: Bonded to Alanna Mosvani. He was killed by Whitecloaks in the Two Rivers.

Owyn Merrilin: The nephew of Thom Merrilin. He had the ability to channel but was caught by Aes Sedai and gentled, and later died.