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Brown Ajah Bulletin – April/May Edition

(Editor: Adolla Ceryia)

Talking Head – Words from Cassie

It's hard to believe it's May already. I can't think of much to say this month, but I would like to throw a little extra love at the Browns who made it to Jordan Con. I can't help but be tickled when the Browns, who are often seen as the small, quiet Ajah, have the most representation and do a fine job of partying.

Browns At Jordan Con

On April 17th the world of Robert Jordan descended upon Alpharetta Georgia. The Brown Ajah was in full force. In attendance were, Cassie, Serenla, Eniara, Adolla, and Ayendra. For three days we attended panels and workshops and partied with the Wheel of Time elite. The highlight of the weekend was on Saturday when Tarvalon had it’s official ceremonies. This party had a few special guests, including Wilson Grooms, his family, Wil McDougal, and Maria, Jordan’s personal assistant. During the ceremonies our own Ayendra was raised to the shawl. All in all it was a great weekend and we can’t wait until next year.

Time for congratulations!

The Brown Ajah would like to welcome Ayendra , who was raised at Jordan Con to Sisterhood. Congrautlations Sister! We’d also like to welcome Thayla, and Narysse who have decided to aspire to Brown.

Brown Birthdays

The Brown Ajah would like to take the time to say happy birthday to the following ladies.

Taika April 1st

Lealenya April 20th

Kytera May 5th

Ayendra May 15th

Warder Recognitions Rodi

(by Laithean Cor'dazar)

Wild and free,

A wolf of VC,

That is Rodi my Warder.

Towering over me with height,

Knows better than my temper to fight,

That is Rodi my Warder.

Musicals we sing,

In harmony notes ring,

That is Rodi my Warder.

I could not ask for more,

He is genuine to the core,

That is Rodi my Warder.

He protects not only me,

But also my new baby,

That is Rodi my Warder.

Forever we stand,

Against shadows of the land,

That is Rodi my Warder

Tiki Drink of the Month

Rum Jungle

1/2 oz light rum

1/2 oz dark rum

1/2 oz coconut rum

1/2 oz spiced rum

2 oz pineapple juice

2 oz orange juice

3-4 oz crushed ice

1 peeled banana


Blend all ingredients, except banana, until smooth and pour into a chilled goblet. Garnish with a whole banana.


The art of Brown Healing

(by Sela Narian)

Everyone's heard of Yellow Healing. A few lucky souls have been subject to Red Healing, Blue Healing, Green Healing...and although they all have their charms, the Brown Ajah would like to submit their version, Brown Healing, as the preferred method.

It's a complicated process and of course, every time is different and unique, but it tends to go something like this:

Poor, Unhealthy Subject: I AM IN PAIN!! OH THE DIRE, HORRID HORRIDNESS! Is there no one I might turn to in this hour of desperate need? This deep hurt inside me cannot be cured by mere doctoring. I need an Aes Sedai! Oh, but look! From yonder comes my savior! Oh Aes Sedai, dear servant of all, will you Heal me so I might no longer live in anguish?

  • Brown Aes Sedai throws heavy book at Poor, Unhealthy Subject*

Brown Aes Sedai: Stop whining! And bring me that book.


Brown Poll

So we noticed something rather disturbing the other day in Chat. Some how the topic of conversation turned to cannibalism. I don't know who started that. So it was soon discovered that the three people most willing to go Hannibal Lector after crash landing in the Andes was, Cassie, Serenla, and Adolla.

So todays poll requires a little imagination. The Brown ajah has taken a flight for some unknown reason we crash land and there is nothing left to eat......

  • Cut up the dead, heck they don't need those bodies anymore. 37% [ 6 ]
  • Search for food in the surrounding area, there has to be something. 62% [ 10 ]
  • Starve 0% [ 0 ]

Brown-outs of the month

I was at Wal-mart, getting some iced coffee. Clerk hands me the coffee and says I need to add my own sugar and cream. So I set it on the counter, grab three sugar packets and rip the tops off them. I then proceed to drop the ripped off tops into my coffee and came within seconds of dropping the still full open sugar packets into the little trash bin on the counter.

Only reason I didn't is because my husband happened to turn around and ask me what the hell I was doing.

-Madelaine Vitalia

I was sorting through the piles of paperwork sitting around the house (yes it is all over and not all in one place) and I put the bills in one pile and the empty envelopes in another, then proceeded to throw away the bills and keep the envelopes. I realized what I had done about 2 hours later. Thankfully the bills were not all nasty and still able to be sent with payment!

-Laithean Cor'dazar

I got a good one. My husband got DVR while I was in Iraq, and has been recording House and 24 for me. So while I was home on leave, we were watching some of them. One of the commercials was advertising the release of Twilight on DVD. Well, I totally forgot that it was an episode from, like, two months ago, which I totally forgot, and was ranting that the DVD was all ready out. My dear husband looked at me and said, "Honey, this episode is two months old. Of course it's all ready out."

-Kyyri Moran

I was cleaning up the kitchen and Jared (who is 8) had a project from school sitting on the counter. I asked him if we were keeping the leaf, acorn, stick thingie, and he says, "there aren't any acorns on it." I pointed and said, "there is one right there." He looked at me like I was brain dead and said, "Missi, that is a pinecone."

-Laithean Cor'dazar

I just went to send someone my phone number through PM and I thought it was odd I had a reply almost immediately. When I opened it, it was my own PM. I had PM'd myself instead of the person in the thread.

-Adolla Ceryia

I had a Brown-out when we went skiing two weeks ago... Well, it was sunny, so I was using sun block. Then I had my hair in a ponytail, and since it was warm I didn't use a scarf or something around my neck. So, I forgot about that and didn't use sunblock on the back of my neck. Then I sat down to read when we had a pause, with the part of my neck directly in the sun. So, when I got home to our cottage that evening, the only place that was sunburned was the back of my neck

-Thalya Nyale

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