Brown Bulletin July 2009

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Brown Ajah Bulletin – Summer Edition

(Editor: Adolla Ceryia)

Talking Head – Words from Cassie

I know it's been a while since we posted a bulletin, but while Doll had a good excuse (see below) for not working on it, I can only plead laziness with a touch of real life drama. Things have been busier than usual in Brown for the past few months. As with most of the Ajahs, we've had a ton of new guests to keep things fresh which is always fun. Many of us are starting to get excited for D*Con as well. Hope you all enjoy this edition of the Bulletin!

Time for congratulations!

The brown ajah would like to welcome Viola who has decided to aspire with us.

Adventures in Exile

So some of you may wonder why the BAB is a bit late. That is because our faithful editor, me, managed to break her foot. Back in May shortly after I published the last BAB, I was walking down the hallway and I turned over my ankle and heard a loud POP! I didn’t think much of it at first but it hurt so bad I had my husband pick me up at work and take me to the doctor. After having surgery to place a pin in my foot I have spent the last two months living with my Mother in Law, who until this past week did not have internet service. I caved in and paid for two months so I wouldn’t die of boredom and loneliness. Sorry to our loyal readers who missed our antics this past few months.

Brown Birthdays

Aves June 2nd

Jennithel June 6th

Aloren June 16th

Kyyri June 18th

Elyna July 12th

Rijomu July 17th

Warder Recognitions Soronhen

(by Cassie Dainar)

I have a Warder of Win

he's good to call now and then

with good taste in booze

who else would I choose

but the fabulous Soronhen

Tiki Drink of the Month

Mango Tango


1 oz Coconut Rum

1 oz White Rum


Mango/Orange Drink



Fill Glass /with Cubes

Add Rums

Add Mango/Orange Drink and Stir

Add Grenadine

Add Orange Slice and Straw

Interview with a Brown

Adolla Ceryia (by: Cariyad Teridal)

So this month it's the lovely stand-in editor of the BAB herself who's been put under the spotlight of the interviewer. Here are a few things you may never otherwise have known about the wonderful Adolla Ceryia Sedai.

-Who are you and what are you doing here? :O (What do you do IRL and how did you find )

In my regular life I work temp jobs to bring in spending money and help out with the bills. I like to sew and do crafty things. My friends know me as "the girl who makes shit."

I found the site back in 2002? I think? I finished reading the series and googled Wheel of Time. Found Stone Dogs and Dragonmount and from there I found a link to here. For some reason this was the site I joined.

-What were your first impressions of What do you think it was about this site that made you stay?

I was drawn in by the people. Everyone was very friendly and had lots of fun. I knew I wasn't going anywhere when I got to my first RL event and everything was the same, just in person.

-Have you been to many RL events? What's your favorite memory of an RL event?

I have been to a dozen or so official events and even more local ones. As for favorites it's really hard to pick any one moment, the last one that sticks out in my head is at Jordan Con having RJ's family there to see them enjoying our silly traditions was just amazing.

-When you joined the site, did you have any idea that you'd go Brown?

Oh yeah I'm Brown through and through.

-Was there anything that surprised you about the Brown Ajah when you did join?

I can't really remember first joining the ajah. I don't think there were any surprises.

-What's your favorite thing about being Brown?

I love the laid back ladies in the ajah. The ladies in Brown just sorta go with the flow. There is never drama and that's fine by me.

-What do you think the biggest difference between the book Browns and the site Browns is?

The problem with the ajah in the books is you only see one character enough that she has depth, that is Verin. The other Browns you see are very one sided. While I think most of us have those qualities shown in the books there is just so much more to a person than a short glimpse of a character can give. While I think we, as an ajah, are very intellectually curious and dare say we play up our absentmindedness, we also like to party and have rich lives outside of books.

-What issues get your intellectual curiosity going the most?

A lot of times it's what ever crosses in front of me that day. In general I love people, both sociologically and culturally. I'm fascinated by what people believe and why.

-One final question: if you could give a new member of the site one piece of advice, what would it be?

Aes Sedai and Gaidin aren't scary, at least not all of us. If we seem distant it's because there are just so many people and we can't approach them all. Don't be afraid to strike up conversations.

Brown Poll - What makes Your house a home?
  • Spouse/partner 20%
  • Kids 0%
  • Pets 4%
  • Memories 1%
  • All of the above 25%
  • Other 30%

Responses for other include a mixture of the options and mostly books. Seems browns are at home where the books are.

Brown-outs of the Summer

If you are looking for a "summer" themed brown-out, my worst is that every time I go out, I remember to lotion up (I am super pale) but, I always forget at least one spot (and it's never the same one!)

So, I'll end up having a random sunburn spot on one area on the back of my arm, or on the tops of my feet, or on my ears, or on whatever else spot I randomly forgot to put sunblock on that day


Rummaged around for keys to unlock door, pulled out debit card, offered it to door. 3-sec pause before I realized why it wasn't working.


In a similar vein to Sela's brownout, I tried to lock the work safe by offering the key to the lightswitch. Which is on the inside of the safe door.

...Yup, I'll go ahead and lock myself in the safe using this here lightswitch!


I tried to pay for college with my library card a few days ago . . . the thing looks deceptively like a credit card . . . definite brown out thankfully it was all online so no one could see that brown out


I did something similar to that yesterday, Cariyad! Went to the laundry room, put detergent and money in the washing machine and realized I didn't have my laundry with me.


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