Brown Bulletin January 2009

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Brown Ajah Bulletin – January edition

(Editor: Taika Vinh)

Talking Head – Words from Cassie

Another month gone so soon! A fairly uneventful month until the end. I go on vacation for a few days and had to put down at least three coups when I got back! Apparently we all want to be in charge of the rum. Hope you all enjoy this month's edition. And please tell Taika that the polls are made of WIN.

Time for congratulations!

Congratulations to Cassie and Soronhen! They’ve bonded in their battle against the Shadow!! And welcome to Brown Soronhen!

Brown Birthdays

Happy Belated Birthday to our January babies!

Jan 1st Ismene Gillandred

Jan 5th Shala Miradsu

Jan 6th Dracaenaa al'Landgraf

Jan 9th Riley Maconnar

Jan 15th Adolla Ceryia

Jan 16th Cariyad Teridal

Jan 24th Je t'aime Al'morha

Meet the Browns.

Part I Keara Careen (Interview by Cariyad Teridal)

What do you do in your real life? I'm currently a graduate student in modern European history and a teaching assisstant. Basically, my life consists of reading, writing, researching, grading, and trying to get undergrads to talk about reading they didn't read.

When did you join TarValon.Net? How did you find the site? I stumbled onto the site in 2004 while I was re-reading one of the WoT books. I disappeared for a while then returned in 2006 and am here to stay.

What's your favourite memory? Oh gosh, I don't know. There are a lot of witty and wonderful people on the site, and I almost always enjoy posting - nothing really stands out to me. In terms of RL Tower events, the most memorable was when I was raised to Aes Sedai at Europarty in 2007.

What made you decide to go Brown? Was it a hard decision? Hardly. I suspected I would go Brown after being on the site for a while. I'm a book Brown too, but the group of wonderful AS and Warders we have in Brown cemented that decision. Ismene was one of my Tower sponsors, Stasia was my mentor, and I enjoyed talking with all of the Browns. Their curious nature, laid-back but fun personalities, and dry sense of humor matched mine. I just knew, and I can honestly say there isn't one person in Brown I don't like.

What does it mean to you to be a Brown Sister? This is a tough one - tough to verbalize anyway. I'll try to be concise. Being Brown to me is having a natural curiousity and a desire to learn. It's being relaxed and supportive. I would do anything for any of my Brown Sisters, but no one forces themselves upon anyone else. I'm sure there's better and eloquent words to describe what it means to be Brown AS, but for me it's a family of like-minded women (and warder types). I love being Brown - I can't imagine it any other way.

Warder Recognitions.

Part II Darim Pelegro (by Sela Narian)

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Darim's my warder
He'll castigate you!

Roses are yellow
My Ajah is Brown
And my Gaidin's the best
In all Tar Valon Towne.

Roses are white
And my bookshelves are red
He knows of his worth
And it goes to his head.

Roses are purple
My notebook is green
A trail of white doves
Follows where e'er he's been

Tiki Drink of the Month

Bob Marley

Equal parts of Peppermint Schnapps and Myers.

Layer into a Pony or Shot glass.


Brown Poll - What do you think about polls?
  • I love them and always reply to them 70% [ 14 ]
  • I don't mind them 20% [ 4 ]
  • I don't really like polls, they're useless 0% [ 0 ]
  • They're kinda okay, I just hope Taika would be more imaginative when creating them 10% [ 2 ]

Brown-outs of the month

Serenla: “So, last weekend, first weekend of January I had a nice one. Was a bit distracted getting my stuff together to hop in the shower. Got everything ready, hopped in and suddenly the world went all misty... I still had my glasses on.”

Narysse: “Another one from me. Tonight I was just about to get back on to check my PMs and I had to go out and help with dinner dishes. So I take off my glasses (thinking that they were my reading glasses) and go do dishes......halfway through my eyes are straining so bad it's getting a bit I come back out to the living room to get my distance glasses and there they are, sitting right on top of my laptop where I placed them when I took them off!”

Cariyad: “The other day, I was trying to replace the zip on a skirt. "Trying" being the operative word. My mother eventually had to rescue me. There was this one particular seam I was having trouble with. First time I sewn it, I managed to sew one of the decorative button tabs down along with the zipper. Second time around, I checked carefully that no sticky-outty bits were in the way of the sewing machine. So I managed to sew the lining to the zipper instead. More unpicking. Third time lucky with that seam. Then I had to hand-sew another seam (this zipper was ridiculously complicated ), to neaten up the join at the edge of the zipper. I managed to sew the flap of the pocket down accidentally. You really would think I'd learn. If I ever talk about sewing anything myself again, slap me. I am far too absent-minded for it.

EDIT: The sewing traumatised me so much I even forgot the past participle of "to sew". I wrote "Sewed": edited for grammatical sanity of all concerned”

Autumn: “I had 2 this morning I woke up bright and early because I want to make an apple pie today and I needed apples and pie crust (I'm definitely not good at making my own crust). My husband had to do stuff to the car today, so I needed to use it first thing so he could fix it when I got back. I got up, got dressed, went to the grocery store with one thing on my mind, "apples and crust, apples and crust..." Got my apples... and checked out. Got home, ate breakfast, and decided to start the pie. Then I realized it -- I didn't get the pie crust!!! By then, Jon had already taken the car apart, so now I'm stuck until he's done. Then, after my shower, I put my wet hair up in a towel, then decided I should rinse out the shower, and stepped back into the tub so I could manipulate the shower head.... Yep, hair towel got soaked.”

Sela: “I'm meeting with friends in a few hours, and I need to bring cash 'cause I'll drop off the last of the bill money I owe my former roommate on the way there, but I don't have cash; it's all in the bank! And it's Saturday evening so the bank was closed. I paused, thinking of what I could possibly do to remedy this situation but it seemed hopeless. Oh dear. Nothing to do! And then Ne'Mireth says, "You could stop at an ATM."

"Oh yeah. I'd forgotten they existed. Thanks!"”

Erin: “Last week I was taking a shower, got out, and something felt off with my hair when I was towel-drying it. I started brushing it out anyway, and it was heavy and weirdly thick and...yeah, I'd gotten out of the shower without rinsing out the conditioner. What sucks more is that I did the same thing the very next day.”

Cinnamin: “Went to work last nite and didn't notice I had a key missing off my keyring.. my mailbox key. I keep it on one of those latch-hooks so I can take it off the keyring easily to check the mail. Worked my shift.. car was frosted over, so I went out to warm it up before going home. ACK!!! Mailbox key missing!!! Search the car.. search pockets.. search parking lot.. no key. I made 2 stops on the way in to work, so I backtrack myself. First stop, BP station.. no one turned in a key. Next stop, Tobacco Outlet.. it's 5:30am, so the store is closed.. search parking lot.. no key. So I drive home expecting to make a call to the apt. manager to get me a new key. Search apt parking lot.. search yard.. no key. Last time I saw the key it was in my fanny pack from when I was doing laundry, with the rest of my keys. Yep, it was still in the fanny pack. All that panic for nothing.”

Naomi: “About two weeks ago the light in my bathroom that had been flickering finally gave out. It is (was) the only light in my bathroom. The ceilings in my apartment are extra high and since it's a light bulb screwed into a recessed light fixture, I couldn't get it out to replace it or anything. Since I wasn't sure what to do about it, I just ignored the problem for a bit. I would turn on the hall light so I could see to shower and mutter about light bulbs. After several days, the thought finally came to me... ya know... I have that floor lamp sitting in the living room that I could move.... :headdesk My Brown Outs also extend to video gaming! My college friends and I recently started setting up voice chat rooms so that we can still shout to each other while playing our online game. I am already famous for coming out of a loading screen and saying "Alright, let's go! ... Where are we going?" or "Wait, why am I here?"”

Narysse: “Worst Brownout ever:

Monday--I've lost a library book that's due back in 2 days (and I've already renewed it the maximum number of times). I can't remember where I put it! I really hope that my recurring nightmare of owing a $50.00 library fine doesn't come true............. Edit: Tuesday--My brat of a kitten knocked it behind the couch.

Aaaand....edit: Wednesday--It's not even due until the 9th.”

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