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  1. Laralelle Susandrea

    Who Can Help?

    Several members have been working on the costume catalog from the series. We've got a huge chunk done, probaly about 2/3, maybe more (need to take a good look at it still). My questions are: what do I do with it now, and who can help me do it? I want to make some way to make it searchable in the...
  2. Laralelle Susandrea

    Costume Catalog

    I know we're reading Fires of Heaven in our re-read, so if anyone is interested in helping with our costume catalog, I would greatly appreciate it! Costume Catalog Link There are directions on the first tab but if you have any other questions, holler at me.
  3. Laralelle Susandrea

    Sea Folk

    What happened to them? I recently read the part where Elayne and Nynaeve took their ship to Tanchico. They were great! Interesting, unique, I loved reading about them. But I know in later books, I groan OUT LOUD when they show up. They're so annoying and I want to throw things at them (I like to...
  4. Laralelle Susandrea

    Fix My Sig?

    Does anyone know how to center my signature image? I tried moving it over in my profile but it won't stay put.
  5. Laralelle Susandrea

    Library Editing

    How do I get permission to edit the library? There's a project I want to do in White and I can't seem to find the right person to ask.
  6. Laralelle Susandrea

    Idiotic Chat Question

    I dislike change!! Where do I type?!
  7. Laralelle Susandrea

    Membership Clean-up

    Will the outcomes of the member clean up be posted? We've only had two since I joined and I can't remember the protocol.
  8. Laralelle Susandrea

    Refresh Rate?

    I am using Google Chrome on Windows 8. Lately there have been several posts that I type, submit, and don't appear. Or, (this happened today specifically in the mafia thread), I will refresh the page, type a response based on that, try to hit submit, it won't let me because something or other has...
  9. Laralelle Susandrea


    Is there anything planned to help boost chat participation (special events, etc)? I'm just curious....and sad. I miss active chat, and would hate to see it die.
  10. Laralelle Susandrea

    Mobile Site

    For some reason, my phone no longer displays the mobile site (which I really liked). I use Google Chrome usually on an iPhone. Does anyone know how to get it back?
  11. Laralelle Susandrea


    Can non-citizens who are registered members see General? I moved a thread from WOT news to general, but, since a registered member who is not yet a citizen started it, Winterdawn pointed out that she may not be able to see it. I checked the membership manual but couldn't find this information.
  12. Laralelle Susandrea

    Disappearing Graphics

    So on any page about 40% of the graphics are missing, including avatars and emoticons. I've been using Google chrome both on my iPad and computer and it's happening on both. Thoughts?
  13. Laralelle Susandrea

    Public Forums

    What forums (if any) can the public see?
  14. Laralelle Susandrea

    Test thread

    This is a test thread to check something with the twitter feed. Carry on.
  15. Laralelle Susandrea

    Two North American Mistresses of Revels

    Has there ever been discussion of having two groups of people organize our North American events? That way we wouldn't have to wait until one event was over before starting our planning for the next. That would eliminate a lot of frustration for those who are traveling or need to request time...