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  1. Ephrem Elpidius


    nm, feel free to lock mods, think I misread concept of gaishain
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    I can't do the TV show, does it make me a bad wheel of time fan?

    I have thought about this a lot over a long period of time... ever since I saw how weak Rand looked, and yes I know working out and creatine can help, but that actor will never be like Rand in the books. You would need someone more meaty, like KJ Apa would make the perfect Rand, in the tv series...
  3. Ephrem Elpidius

    questions about Padan Fain and the origins in the Two Rivers

    I was wondering about Padan Fain earlier, after reading ending of book 1 again, Padan claims he was forced to do it by "someone" referring to the Two Rivers and waygates I imagine, I wonder if Padan was corrupted by the same corruption that is found in Mat's dagger? Or do you think he is...
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    I need help with Eye of the World lore

    I was wondering, do we ever find out what the steel round tower is? When Thom, Mat, and Rand are by themselves on the Arinelle River on Captain Domon's ship sailing to WhiteBridge, they pass a giant steel tower, with "no entrance or windows or anything" just a giant steel round tower... Mat says...
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    eye of the world re-read, will the new editions have edits or added things?

    Hi so I am re-reading eye of the world right now, and I noticed this today: some new editions of eye of the world are...
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    The Eye of the World new hardback 30th anniversary edition

    Not sure if this has been posted yet Just came out October 6th. me want... so pricey though ; ;
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    The Way of Kings Book I of Stormlight Archive is now free for everyone. You have to wait until May 4th, but the book will be free for everyone as long as you sign up for TOR emails. You can sign up now and they will email you the ebook May 4th. From Brandon's...
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    Wheel of Time bonus official story on sale for $2.99 and Unfettered I and Unfettered III contain unpublished but official Wheel of Time canon story and they are currently on sale for a great price. I...
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    Brandon Sanderson 2020 Lecture video series

    Not sure how many of you know this, but Brandon is posting this years 2020 Brigham-Young University (he has been a professor there for 20 years) on YouTube. The audio quality is much better than in years past when I watched this series. Here is a funny clip he is referencing his relationship...
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    The Reckoners Trilogy

    I just saw this series had no thread here under Brandon Sanderson forums... really shocked me. This is a great series imo. Did anyone else read it? I really loved the "what a hero would really be like" theme. Do you think that theme is accurate? I don't know really, but this is some fan...