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A Ward is the general term for a weave of protection around a person or area. They can take many forms and may prevent entry into the area, set off an alarm if breached or destroy the object within

Examples of Wards

Against eavesdropping (NS, Ch. 3)

To protect the person's dreams from affecting those around them (NS, Ch. 5).

To form a shimmering gray dome to hold in the shrieks of women being birched (NS, Ch. 14

A ward of spirit around Lan and his companions so that Moiraine would know if they moved (NS, Ch. 19)

A ward around Moiraine's horse so she would know if anyone tried to move her

In Shadar Logoth to keep out any of the inhabitants (TEotW, Ch. 19

To keep a man out of an area (TEotW, Ch. 42)

To keep people entering a room (TGH, Ch. 4)

To keep people out of dreams (TFoH, Ch. 6)

To alert people in case of a break in to a room, such as the angreal storeroom (TFoH, Ch. 19)

To sound an alarm if Shadowspawn cross it (TFoH, Ch. 19})

A ward that will kill Shadowspawn, but not immediately (LoC, Ch. 21) (wards cannot be against both humans and Shadowspawn)

On a secret message that makes the ink vanish if the wrong hand breaks the seal (CoT, Prologue)

Yo keep out rats (TGS, Ch. 12)