The Great Hunt: Chapter 42

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Author: Estyrien al'Halien


Chapter Icon: Insect like Helmet

Points of view: Nynaeve, Egwene


Nynaeve works out how to open an a'dam with the Power and Egwene is punished for channeling without permission.


Nynaeve's Point of View:

Setting: Falme

Characters: Nynaeve, Elayne, Fain, Egwene, Min and Renna

Nynaeve and Elayne are in an alleyway in Falme, hiding from a passing sul'dam and damane since "they did not dare allow that pair to come close". Nynaeve is sickened by the sight while the Falmen are obviously terrified of the pair because "they made way for those two even more quickly than they did for the Seanchan soldiers". Nynaeve is so disgusted by the a'dam that "she could not imagine doing that to any woman", except Liandrin because she caused the capture of Egwene and Min and she is of the Black Ajah. While she is still looking at the damane, she sees a man out of the corner of her eye that looked as though it was Fain, though she dismisses that thought quickly.

While Nynaeve was looking around the street, Elayne had stolen several apples from one of the stalls, though Nynaeve maintains "we don't have to steal". Elayne argues that the money is quickly running out and Nynaeve has been suspiciously full at each meal. Nynaeve thinks to herself that the price of everything is too high and the Falmen have complained "about how the prices had risen since the Seanchan came". When they are walking through the streets, Nynaeve demands to know how Elayne managed to steal the apples, wanting to know if Elayne channeled, something foolish to do when a damane and sul'dam are near. Elayne admitted that she did, but only after she "looked carefully to make sure there was no damane close".

Elayne is surprised and more than a little angry that the Falmen have not resisted the Seanchan invasion, "They should resist. They should fight back". Before Nynaeve can make a proper retort, they see a Seanchan patrol approach and both of them bow to the soldiers, although Elayne is slightly reluctant to do so. Nynaeve is relieved that the guards are riding horses rather than the other creatures that the Seanchan ride. When the patrol has gone, Nynaeve says "If we are caught, I swear that before they kill us I will beg them on bended knees to let me strip you" for Elayne's carelessness. Elayne is indignant about the accusation of carelessness and reminds Nynaeve of when she channeled in plain view of a damane. Nynaeve had channeled the a'dam collar open but despite the fact that damane are poorly treated, "it had been the woman in the collar who had raised the alarm".

Thinking back to their previous conversation, Nynaeve thinks about the lack of resistance to the Seanchan. Although "she thought Elayne was at least partly right", she knows that very few people could stand up to the Seanchan monsters and the damane. Everybody Nynaeve had talked to "took fright at the merest hint that they might oppose the Seanchan". She looks at the buildings that house the damane, "Egwene had to be in there, and likely Min", and thinks that "Being able to open the collar did no good at all unless she could reach Egwene".

Egwene's Point of View:

Setting: Falme

Characters: Nynaeve, Elayne, Fain, Egwene, Min and Renna

Egwene is sitting in her small room, her collar connected to a bracelet hung on a peg. The room had no possessions in it, "Damane had no need for comfort, or privacy, or possessions". Damane were possessions, owned by the Empress for the most part. Egwene thinks of how Renna is not the only sul'dam to wear the bracelet of the a'dam, "but it was Renna who wore her bracelet four times out of five". Egwene stands away from the window so that the damane in the garden couldn't "see the glow as she channeled the One Power". She probes delicately at the collar, "the merest drip she could imagine", in an effort to open it. Despite the size of saidar being channeled, Egwene still feels ill as this is one of the properties of the a'dam; "if a damane tried to channel without a sul'dam wearing her bracelet, she felt sick". Another property is that no damane can carry her a'dam if the sul'dam does not wear the bracelet because she becomes very ill. Egwene remembers that Renna made her do both and "remembering still made her shudder".

The probing of the a'dam is cut short when Min arrives for her weekly visit, wearing a dress, something unheard of for Min. She explains "that old hag Mulaen apparently got tired of not knowing what my place was on sight". She tries to make light of the situation but Egwene remembers how she "had to watch her clothes being burned too". She also remembers how anything that is given to a damane is the choice of the sul'dam; a damane would sleep on the floor, starving if a sul'dam chose it to be that way. She then tells Min that Renna has found that she has a special talent when it comes to ores. Egwene was able to distinguish copper ore from iron ore whilst blindfolded and could locate a disused iron mine. Egwene couldn't hide this knowledge from Renna because of the a'dam, "she knew I had sensed the mine as soon as I did". Renna told her that all sul'dam develop an affinity over time to do with the One Power.

Egwene has strength in Earth, one of the Five Powers that is predominantly strongest among men and so she is an extremely valuable asset for the Seanchan. Her 'training' has also caused her to be able to "handle much more of the Power now than she could before leaving Tar Valon". Min casts a ray of hope, "I've found us a ship", but this is extinguished when Egwene tells her that her Talent is so rare that "they're sending a ship back to Seanchan. Just for me". When Egwene tells Min that there are two Aes Sedai among the damane, Min is sure that with their help, they can escape together. Egwene tells her that Ryma is beginning to loose hope and "she's beginning to stop fighting against it". Ryma can't commit suicide either, no damane can; a damane can't touch any object that she perceives to be a possible weapon. When Egwene thought about hitting Renna with her pitcher, she couldn't touch it until she could "convince myself I would never hit her with it".

Egwene knows that the sul'dam is training her to become a perfect damane, obedient and meek. Min points out that she can't be taken to Seanchan because "I see things I am sure link you to Rand" and that can't happen if they are on different continents. Egwene doesn't believe that it will happen and asks Min to sail with the ship she has found. Before Min can reply, Renna comes into the room to continue Egwene's training. The moment the bracelet is fitted, Renna knows that Egwene has channeled, "You know that it is forbidden except when we are complete". Renna decides to discipline Egwene and gives her a new name, "from now on, your name is Tuli". She sends Min away so that she can discipline Egwene further. She tells Egwene that they will "be called to the Court of the Nine Moons and I will not allow you to disgrace me". She will punish Egwene until "you tell me how much you love being damane (...) Make me believe every word".


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Visions and Prophecies

  • You know I've read you, Egwene. I don't understand most of it - I almost never do - but I see things I am sure link you to Rand, and Perrin, and Mat, and - yes, even Galad, the Light help you for a fool. How can any of that happen if the Seanchan take you off across the ocean


Why do sul’dam develop an affinity?

They have the ability to learn to channel and the more experience they have, the closer they get to actually being able.


First mention

Mulaen, Ryma Galfrey

Character Development


Channels to steal an apple.


Can find ore.

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