The Great Hunt: Chapter 28

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Author: Estyrien al'Halien

Wolf Chapter Icon.png

A New Thread in the Pattern

Chapter Icon: A Wolf

Point of View: Perrin

Setting: Kinslayer's Dagger

Characters: Mat, Perrin, Verin, Ingtar, Masema, Uno, Urien, Shienaran soldiers


The group chasing Fain encounter an Aiel who tells them he is looking for "He who comes with the Dawn".


The group are still riding after Fain and the Trollocs and are now riding through the mountains of Kinslayer's Dagger. Perrin knows that "there were people in the mountains" because the wolves have told him. He also knows that the Trollocs are still ahead, even "though Ingtar had pressed the column hard". Mat is looking paler than ever; Verin's Healing not making any noticeable difference. Perrin also notices that Verin "always rode at the head of the column with Ingtar" and through her behaviour, he knows that "Somehow, she knows about Rand". Perrin is able to see images through the wolves of "stone farmhouses and terraced villages".

Ingtar talks to Perrin about the message from the wolves again, "I've told you ten times". Perrin tells of an attack on Fain and the Darkfriends by someone the wolves call "Shadowkiller". The wolves aren't "afraid of this Shadowkiller; awe is more like it". Shadowkiller is now being followed by Fain and the Trollocs and from this information, we can tell that Rand is "Shadowkiller". Perrin and the group do not know this and Ingtar thinks that Shadowkiller may be "something of the Dark One, like a Myrddraal".

Perrin and Ingtar's conversation is interrupted by Uno who has seen an "Aielman in the rocks". Ingtar is surprised that the Aiel are so far away from the Waste, knowing that there is more than one because "when you see one bloody Aiel, there's always more you don't". Apparently the Aiel must have wanted to be seen "or I likely wouldn't have". The Aiel is not veiled so Uno knows that he is not there to fight. The Aielman comes down on to the road and Ingtar has to stop some soldiers from killing him, "I'll have the ears of any man who doesn't stop".

Perrin sees that the Aielman dresses in clothes that "would blend into rock or earth" and he is armed with a bow, a quiver of arrows, a knife, a buckler and "three short spears, no more than half as long as he was tall". The Aielman is called "Urien, of the Two Spires sept of the Reyn Aiel", and is "a Red Shield". Ingtar, Perrin and Mat dismount and join him to talk. Perrin and Mat notice the physical similarities between Urien and Rand and begin to understand why Ingtar thinks Rand is Aiel.

When Ingtar tells Urien that "we, at least, are here for other things than fighting", Urien appears disappointed, showing how the Aiel are very willing to fight. Urien then addresses Verin as "Wise One" although he does not mistake her for Aiel. Apparently she has "the look of those who have made the journey to Rhuidean and survived". Ingtar interrupts this train of thought by asking if Urien has seen any Trollocs. Urien grows excited at the mention of Trollocs south of the Blight because he tells them "When the Trollocs come out of the Blight again, we will leave the Three-fold Land and take back our places of old". The Three-fold Land is also called the Waste, "a shaping stone, to make us; a testing ground, to prove out worth; and a punishment for the sin". Apparently the sin is so old that only the Wise Ones and the Clan Chiefs know what it is.

Verin asks Urien what Rhuidean is and he is very reluctant to tell her. He says that "Rhuidean lies in the lands of the Jenn Aiel, the thirteenth clan" and that the only people who are allowed to go there are those wishing to become Clan Chiefs or Wise Ones. Verin appears slightly unsatisfied with his answer and Urien asks, "Will you slay me now, Aes Sedai?" He tells them that "One of the old prophecies says that if we ever fail the Aes Sedai again, they will slay us". Urien is unfazed by his apparent imminent death, "Bring your lightnings, Aes Sedai", but Verin reassures him that she won't kill him. Urien seems astounded when Verin suggests that he might harm her; "How could I strike at a woman who has not wedded the spear?"

Urien tells them that some Aiel have left the Waste to search for "He Who Comes With the Dawn". "It is said there will be great signs and portents of his coming". He doesn't know what these signs will be but he says that "He will come from the west, beyond the Spine of the World, but be of our blood. He will go to Rhuidean, and lead us out of the Three-Fold Land". He then draws "the ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai" and tells them that "under this sign, he will conquer". Urien then leaves to continue his search.

The group then mounts again and set off again. Perrin and Mat talk about Urien and discuss the possibility that Rand could be "He Who Comes With the Dawn". Verin is impatient for them to get going after she mutters, "does the Dark One touch the Pattern again?"


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.

Visions and Prophecies

Aiel Prophecies
  • When the Trollocs come out of the Blight again, we will leave the Three-fold Land and take back our places of old

They didn't really have their own places of old, the Aiel were a servant class who went wherever their Aes Sedai did.

  • If the Aiel fail the Aes Sedai again, they will slay them

Is this really prophecy, or just something that is believed?

  • He will come from the west, beyond the Spine of the World, but be of our blood. He will go to Rhuidean, and lead us out of the Three-fold Land
  • Under this sign (the ancient Aes Sedai symbol), he will conquer


Why does Urien say that Verin has the look of one who has been to Rhuidean and survived?

This implies that Wise Ones have the Ageless look, which they do not. He may merely mean that he can tell Verin is older than he might guess from her physical appearance.

What is the clan that is not?

The Jenn Aiel. However, Urien seems to think there may still be Jenn, as he says he doesn't know if they send people to Rhuidean.

What sin were the Aiel sent to the Waste for?

Failing the Aes Sedai and abandoning the Way of the Leaf, though no one actually sent them.

How did the Aiel fail the Aes Sedai?

Probably by giving up the Way of the Leaf.

Who is “he who comes with the dawn?”

The Car'a'carn, the prophecied Aiel chief of chiefs.


  • Urien claims he would not attack a woman who was not wedded to the spear.
  • The wolves call Rand “Shadowkiller”.


First Mention


First Meet


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