The Fires of Heaven: Chapter 18

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Kyria d'Oreyn

Characters: Liandrin, Moghedien and the rest of ten remaining Black sisters around Liandrin

Setting: Amador

Point of view: Liandrin

At the beginning of Chapter 18 of "The Fires of Heaven", Liandrin returns to Jorin Arene's house in Amador to find someone waiting for her with the other Black sisters. That someone, it turns out, is no one less than Moghedien. Liandrin thinks of competing against her at first, but after a lesson from Moghedien, she quickly changes her mind.

Moghedien assigns six of the eleven Black sisters different tasks without letting the others know of it. The five remaining ones, Liandrin, Chesmal, Asne, Temaile and Eldrith are set to find Nynaeve and take her to Moghedien.

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