The Eye of the World: Chapter 2

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Author: Dinn da Noor


Chapter Icon: Two Crows

Point of View: Rand

Location: Emond's Field

Characters: Rand, Mat, Mistress al'Vere, Bran, Tam, the Village Council, Ewin Finngar, Moiraine, Lan


Mat and Rand meet Moiraine and Lan.


When Rand and Mat enter the common room, Bran, Tam and four other members of the Village Council sit in front of the fire, smoking pipes and drinking ale. Mistress al'Vere meets them as she comes out of the kitchen and offers them honeycakes when they're done. Mat tells Rand about a prank he pulled on Adan al'Caar which didn't work out as it should and that he's now worried about Master Luhhan. When they're done with the unloading, Ewin Finngar meets them and tells them that there are strangers in the village: one man who looks like a soldier and a woman who's like a high-born lady. Their names are Moiraine and Lan. Mat, Rand and Ewin go outside to see if they can find them.

Moiraine comes to them while they're tossing stones at a raven, and says that it's a "vile bird to be mistrusted in the best of times". She's like no one Rand has ever seen before, with her hair unbraided and wearing strange clothes. They introduce themselves, and she gives them a coin each. She implies that she has come to the Two Rivers to collect old stories. When they ask what kind of stories that can be interesting in the Two Rivers, she just says that the Two Rivers contains a more than thousand-year-old history.

When she leaves, they notice a tall man in a color-shifting cloak, moving like a wolf, Lan. They discuss whether they should spend the silver penny she gave them, but decide not to. When Ewin again asks if there really is a gleeman in the village, Rand tells him just to wait and see. A moment later, they hear shouting across the Wagon Bridge, the peddler has come at last.


This section contains Notes on this Chapter which may contain spoilers. Please expand to view.

Plot Lines

The Weather
  • Cenn explicitly links the continuing winter to the Dark One


What does Moiraine mean that the coin creates a bond between them?

This is unclear. It could be a finder, though later descriptions of how she might be able to find the boys even after they lose the token if they are close enough.

Why don't Rand and Mat want to spend their coin

Ewin doesn't seem to feel the same. Did Moiraine use one of the special weaves to make them less likely to give it up, or is it just a matter of personalities?

What is special about Egwene being able to listen to the Wind?

This is also quickly settled, as being a matter of the One Power. It is not entirely clear if any person who can channel is able to do it, or if it is a talent. Alternatively, it may be a matter of Wilders

Common themes

Opinion on outsiders
  • Taren Ferry folk are really different, who knows what they might think
  • Mat thinks Warders spend all their time in the Blight. He also rules out the possibility of Lan being one because he doesn't have gold or jewels.
  • One of the villagers confuses the Dragon and the Dark One
  • Perrin thinks the idea of the Dragon being reborn to save the world is foolish
Two Rivers is isolated
  • No one apart from peddlers and merchants go to the Two Rivers
  • Despite being isolated, Rand recognises the great serpent as a symbol of eternity. He doesn't connect it with Aes Sedai though. They also fail to recognise the Warder cloak


First Appearance

Marin al'Vere, Ewin Finngar, Rowan Hurn, Samel Crawe, Moiraine, Jon Thane, Lan, Scratch

First Mention

Adan al'Caar, Dag Coplin, Haral Luhhan, Alsbet Luhhan

Character Development

  • Rand is the one to ask Moiraine why she came


  • Many stories apparently say the Aes Sedai are Darkfriends

Others say differently and there is disagreement over which can be believed



Cats, Cutworms, Dogs

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