The Black Ajah (Essay)

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Author: Melaine Thayet

Essay submitted for raising to Aes Sedai

It is a well-known fact among those that know anything of the Sisters that they each belong to an Ajah. The number of Ajahs total seven, with each a different colour and standing for different ideals. However, there is another Ajah that they do not speak of, except with ferocious denial, especially to anyone outside of the Tower. It is known as the Black Ajah. Most Aes Sedai refuse to believe that this Ajah even exists, let alone has any members inside the Tower. It is an Ajah dedicated to the Dark One, with the members sworn not to the White Tower and its Oath Rod, but oaths made to the Dark One. Presumably, they also have a Dark Rod to swear on.

There are a number of prominent members of the Black Ajah that the Aes Sedai know of - the thirteen that left the Tower after stealing valuable angreal. These members include:

It has been said that each member only knows two other members, so that if they are caught they cannot give away too many identities. These Aes Sedai listed are only a small percent of the members of this Ajah - it has been speculated that there are many times that number in the Tower alone. They are led in the Tower by Alviarin Freidhen, who in turn is led by the Forsaken, Mesaana. However, the member of this Ajah do not confine themselves to the Tower alone. They go wherever their Dark Lord (or Forsaken) instructs them, for example there are a number that have placed themselves with the rebel Aes Sedai. Members of the Black Ajah are extremely dangerous, as they have the ability to kill with the One Power, and should be avoided by all non-channellers.