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Falcon Stoops, the:

Fallen Army of Kardia:

Fallen Willows at Noon:

Falling Leaf, the

False Dragon: A man who falsely claims to be the Dragon Reborn. Many False Dragons have attracted huge armies

Fancloth: A material from the Age of Legends that could blend into the background and camouflage a person, now used for Warder cloaks.

Far Aldazar Din: The Brothers of the Eagle, an Aiel Warrior Society

Far Dareis Mai: The Maidens of the Spear, an Aiel Warrior Society composed entirely of women.

Fateful Concord: the agreement by all female Aes Sedai of significant strength not to aid Lews Therin in his plan to re-seal the Dark One at the end of the War of the Power

Father of Lies: A name for the Dark One

Feathers in the Wind

Ferry O'er the River:

Fetch: A Myrddraal

Fever, Black

Fever, Blackbile:

Fever, Breakbone:

Fever, Spotted:

Fever, Yelloweye:


Field of Blood: The Battle of Bekkar, the last battle fought by Manetheren before its destruction

Finder: A weave laid on an object that allows an Aes Sedai to find the person who has it.

Fire: One of the Five Powers, traditionally stronger in men

First Brother: An Aiel kniship term for brother

First Covenant: The agreement of the Aiel during the Age of Legends to serve the Aes Sedai and follow the Way of the Leaf

First Prince of the Sword

First Reasoner: The head of the White Ajah

First Rose of Summer, the:

First Selector: The head of the Blue Ajah

First Sister: An Aiel knship term for Sister. People can also become first sisters through a special weave

First Sister Bond: The link between two women who have chosen to become first sister

First Twelve: The twelve highest ranking Wavemistresses of the Sea Folk

First Weaver: The head of the Yellow Ajah

Fist: A military unit, especially of trollocs


Five Powers: The five elements of the One Power, Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Spirit.

Fives: A dice game

Flame and the Void, The: A concentration technique, in which someone imagines a flame and then imagines pushing all emotion into it for them to be burned away

Flatwort: A Tea used for fatigue

Folding the Air:

Folding the Fan:

Fools, Feast of: A feastday in which the social order is reversed

Foot: A unit of measurement equivalent to 10 inches

Forerunners: The initial force of the Seanchan invasion of around five hundred ships, under the command of Suroth and Turak that landed at Falme

Forkhorn: A waist high deer in the Drowned Lands

Forsaken: The leading Aes Sedai who turned to the Dark One in the Age of Legends. At the end of the war, the thirteen surviving were sealed in the Bore with the Dark One

Foretelling: A talent of the One Power that allows a person glimpses of the future. These are often obscure and the individual has no control over them

Forgers: Thick slow moving creatures that make the swords that Myrddraal use.

Forkroot: A herb that has little effect on most people, but in those that can channel, in small amounts it blocks the ability and in larger amounts will render them unconscious.

Forward the Lion:

Foxtail: A herb used to aid sleep

Fourth Age: The Age due once Rand al'Thor has defeated the Dark One and broken the world

Freia, Feast of: A feast celebrated in Adar along the east and south

Free Year: The Free Era, after the defeat of the Trollocs in the Trolloc Wars