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This is Elania's sandbox for Kitan's wiki editing class.

Go to your sandbox and click “Edit.” Create some italic text. Create some bold text. Create some bold and italic text. Create several lines of text with different levels of indentation.


Come back to this lesson page and post a link to your sandbox so I can go look at it.

The One Header to Rule Them ALL

(Did anyone ever watch the "One Ring to Rule Them All" series by Legendary Frog? No? Google it.)

This is a sad secondary header

  • But it has a list!
  • A super cool list
    • With subpoints and everything
    • But they have to come in at least groups of two, otherwise what's the point?

This is another one, just as sad as the first

  1. Similar to the first section, this also has a list!
  2. And it's even cooler, because it has numbers
    1. And then the numbers repeat, but more indented
    2. Because they're the cool kids on the block

Apparently you have to actually make changes in order to have a changelog appear...