Tale of the Golden Horse

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Authors: Chorysteana Dovienya, Alessandra Estelle

Al'cair Caba d'ma Domorakoshi

Al'cair Caba, m'hael d'ma baijan.
Inde'daghain duente d'sin'cue.

Al'daishar d'gai, al'ji d'ma caba'drin.
Inde'daghain isain sa Al'cair Caba.

Inde'daghain sa dai'in far carai d'al'cair caba.
Sene sovya caba'donde inde ain Al'cair Caba.

"Mordero daghain pas duente cuebiyar.
Lyet, m'taal. Sara dyo no."

~Dyo Chorysteana "Choryory" Dovienya e
Alessandra "Ale" Estelle, mosiev'aes'sedai d'ma Tar.

Tale of the Golden Horse

The Golden Horse, leader of the attack.
One who's heart holds no fear.

The glory of battle, the honor of the cavalry.
The Golden Horse is not afraid.

No fear for the honor of the Golden Horse in battles.
The Golden Horse is not a horse to ride like any other.

"My heart holds no fear for death.
Come, dogs. Dance with me."

~By Chorysteana "Choryory" Dovienya and
Alessandra "Ale" Estelle, novices of the Tower