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The Survey Team consists of individuals committed to the cause of generating survey questions, ordering them, proofing them, and generally working with our Survey Project Manager (Mirandha Sedai) to get the survey launch-ready. Following the survey, this team will be responsible for data analysis and helping the SPM to make the information ready for presentation to Execs and the public. Since the question has been raised before, English as a first language is NOT required as there is much more to this job than simply reading questions for errors.

The Statisticians are also members of the Survey Team but have a more specific function. While these individuals do help out with all that I listed above, the Statisticians are also responsible for gathering the data from our survey software upon completion of a survey. They will take this data and work their magic to make graphs, pivot tables, and other visual informational wonders. In addition to mining the data, the Statisticians are responsible for analyzing the data with statistics in mind. The rest of the Survey Team will also be analyzing the data.

Position Level: Staff

Department: Department of Administration

Rotation: Non rotating position

Merit Eligibility: Staff Merit

Chain of Command

The Survey Team report to the Survey Project Manager

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Work with the Director of Administration and the Survey Project Manager to ensure timely survey launching and subsequent survey data analysis.
  • Analyze survey data and present results to the SPM for compilation into an executive report and a public report.
  • Additional duties as needed.
  • Statisiticians only: Receive data from Lime Survey (our survey software) or from our Survey Project Manager and use statistical methods to analyze the data.


  • Should plan on holding this position for a minimum of one calendar year.
  • Must be tactful, discreet, and able to get along with a wide variety of people.

Time Commitment

  • Must be willing to spend ~5 hours a week on departmental duties (this time estimate will be lower most of the year, but will be higher around Membership Survey time - Generally Dec-April).


  • Must be a Tower Member in good standing of any rank.


This position was initially introduced after the restructuring of the Administration department in January 2014 and was disbanded in October 2015.

Survey Team