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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Senine din Ryal is a Windfinder on a soarer, one of the Sea Folk's smaller vessels. She was Windfinder to the Mistress of the Ships before Nesta din Reas, but when the Mistress of the Ships died, she had to start from the bottom rank again. She has weathered cheeks and thickly grayed hair and once wore more than her present six earrings, which were thicker then. Her chain held more medallions, as well (TPoD, Ch. 2; WH, Ch. 11).


  • Although not directly mentioned, she is one of the twenty Windfinders to accompany Nynaeve and Lan to the Tarasin Palace as agreed to in the Bargain with the Mistress of the Ships (ACoS, Ch. 37). On Renaile's agreement, the Windfinders accompany Elayne and Nynaeve wherever they will go to activate the Bowl of the Winds (ACoS, Ch. 39).
  • Among the group of Windfinders, she rides through Aviendha's gateway from the Tarasin Palace to the Kin's farm (TPoD, Ch. 1; TPoD, Ch. 3), where they arrive already so bruised from riding that Nynaeve Heals them (TPoD, Ch. 4). When the Seanchan attack the farm (TPoD, Ch. 6), she Travels with the others to Andor, riding toward Caemlyn (TPoD, Ch. 20) and eventually arrives at the Royal Palace (TPoD, Ch. 28).
  • She sits to Zaida's left during Nynaeve's lessons with the apprentices (WH, Ch. 11).
  • She is present when Birgitte demands a gateway big enough for a thousand soldiers of Chanelle and the Windfinders after Elayne is captured by the Black Ajah (KoD, Ch. 32).


"She used your own force against you," Senine din Ryal said bluntly before Nynaeve could speak. "And distraction, again. It is like wrestling, girl. You know how to wrestle." (Senine to Talaan when Nynaeve shielded her; Winter's Heart, Chapter 11)