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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Raimun Holdwin is the innkeeper of the Goose and Crown in Andor. He is also a Darkfriend (EotW, Ch. 34 & Ch. 35).

A Myrddraal talks to him outside of his inn at night. From his words to a farmer later, the subject was about Rand and Mat. Holdwin is visibly nervous not only around the Fade, but also when Almen Bunt, the farmer, addresses him about it. They come to speak of what Holdwin's "strange friend" wanted: two young men, who stole a heron-mark sword from Holdwin's friend. They are supposed to be Darkfriends as well as followers of Logain and have sly tongues. Holdwin says that there is a reward on them and in case Bunt ever saw them he should let him know. Holdwin spreads some more curious tales about Rand and Mat, but Bunt does not believe him anyway (EotW, Ch. 34).

Bunt tells Rand and Mat that if he were out on the reward he would just go to Holdwin and tell him about the two, but he does not like the innkeeper much (EotW, Ch. 35).