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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Rahien Demain is the son of Ines Demain, a noblewoman from Chachin, Kandor. His father, name unknown, is dead (NS, Ch. 24).

Ines gave Rahien his name because she saw the sun coming up over Dragonmount when he was born (NS, Ch. 24).


  • One day after the Aiel begin their retreat and Gitara Moroso has her Foretelling, Rahien is born to Ines Demain (NS, Ch. 23).
  • Ten days after his mother goes into seclusion over his father's death, Moiraine and Siuan arrive in the Aesdaishar Place to find out if Rahien is the Dragon Reborn (NS, Ch. 23).
  • Siuan learns that Rahien is not the one, as he was born almost two miles away from Dragonmount, in a farmhouse (NS, Epilogue).


  • Although Moiraine and Siuan expect that Merean is a Black sister looking for the Dragon Reborn, she doesn't go near Rahien (NS, Ch. 25).


"I found Ines Demain almost right off, but not where I can reach her. She's a new widow, but she did have a son, for sure. Named him Rahien because she saw the dawn come up over Dragonmount. Talk of the streets. Everybody thinks it a fool reason to name a child." (Siuan to Moiraine; New Spring, Chapter 23).

"Anyway, we can go whenever you're ready. Rahein was born in a farmhouse almost two miles from Dragonmount. Merean hasn't been near him, as of this morning. I don't suppose she'll harm him on suspicion even if she is Black." (Siuan to Moiraine; New Spring, Epilogue).