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[[Category:Minor Characters]]
[[Category:Minor Characters]]
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[[Category:Altaran Characters]]

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Rahema Arnon is a grain merchant in So Habor, Altara. She is haggard with sunken eyes.

Her merchant's guild can always be found in The Golden Barge, a prosperous-appearing inn. Perrin and his companions go there to acquire grain and other needful things, such as lamps or cooking oil, horseshoe nails, cloth and needles. Berelain and Annoura bargain with them, but when Perrin asks to see the grain in the warehouses, Mistress Arnon tries everything to put it off. She clearly does not want to go outside, where dead men might appear, and neither does she want them to get inside the warehouses. They go inside anyway and Perrin slices the grain sacks open only to find weevils among the grains. Mistress Arnon suggests winnowing for some extra money, but Berelain wants the sacks for half the price.

She is afraid of the dead people walking the streets of So Habor and, like every other resident, she let hers fear overwhelm her and has stopped caring about the circumstances she is in. She does not wash, nor care for her clothes; cold does not bother her and her haggard appearance shows that she seems to starve herself.

(Reference: Crossroads of Twilight, Chapter 26)