Our Valiant Lieutenant

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Author: Oryn Riker

In honor of Lieutenant Thalion Krisman

With sharpened battle-axe, which he's never loathe to use,
Atop the mighty Olaf, the fierce carnivorous moose.
His belly's full of ale, and his mind's a steel bear trap.
He's got Rasha'coons at his side, and a Domani wench on his lap.

A Warder tried and true, with ever-watchful eyes.
A fiercely loyal protector of the lovely Jorryn Sedai.
A hardened battle leader, wise beyond his years,
The perfect Fade killer, but only after his beers.

I speak of our beloved leader, a man of high esteem.
Who is deserving of respect, a man whose worth is deemed.
When times are down you may ask, "Who will pull you through?"
Thalion Krisman Gaidin will, then he'll lead us to the brew!!!