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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Min, born with the name Elmindreda Farshaw, was born in Baerlon, Andor. She was named after a woman in a story who spent her time sighing over men (TSR, Ch. 1), which is part of the reason why she hates her real name.

Not too much is known about Min's family. She has three aunts, Jan, Rana and Miren, who have given her advice about men. (ACoS, Ch. 19) Her father died when she was younger. (LoC, Ch. 41) She has no sisters (TFoH, Ch. 50), and we know nothing of her mother.

She has the ability to see aura's around people that tell glimpses of their future. She is in love with the Dragon reborn and his lover and is fiercely loyal to him.


Min prefers to dress as a tomboy, dressing her slender form in breeches and shirts rather than dresses. She is a little taller than Moiraine, with short, brown hair and large, dark eyes. (TEotW, Ch. 14; Ch. 15) When she was twenty years of age, Min had an incident in The Miners' Rest, an inn that she worked in, and vowed never to wear a dress again. (LoC, Ch. 41)


Min loves to tease, and can be a very light-hearted and easygoing person at times. Like many of the female characters in 'The Wheel of Time,' she also has a stubborn streak a mile wide.

Condensed Timeline

Strengths and Talents

Main article: Min's Viewings

Min has a unique, special ability to see viewings and auras around people. She has always had this ability, though when she was six or seven she realized just how unique it was, and that other people could not see the same things. (TDR, Ch. 2) She almost always sees viewings and auras around Aes Sedai, Gaidin, Asha'man, and Rand and his friends. She can tell simple things, like if someone is going to marry, and more complicated things, such as facts pertaining to the Last Battle. She cannot always make out what they mean, but many of the characters, such as Moiraine, Siuan and Rand, make use of this power. The only people that Min never sees auras around are Ogier.

Relationships with Other Characters

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Even though Min viewed the fact that she would fall in love with Rand, the two of them started off simply as friends. Rand regarded her as someone he could trust and felt comfortable around, and to Min, Rand was a 'sheepherder.' Min fell in love with Rand early on in the series, though he didn't realize he loved her as well until later on. Min is one of the few people that Rand feels he can trust.

Elayne and Min are close friends. At one point in time, Elayne tells Aviendha that Min is like a near-sister to her. Even though they are both in love with Rand, they both seem to accept the fact that they will have to share him, and don't let it get in the way of their friendship.

As for Aviendha, Min isn't so sure about her, probably because they only met in 'Winter's Heart.' Aviendha tells Elayne that she will not share Rand with someone that she does not regard as a near or first-sister. When Aviendha first learns that Min is the third woman who is in love with Rand, she wants to kill her, but Elayne talks her out of it. In 'Winter's Heart,' they seem to get on relatively well.

Min and Egwene are also close friends, though they have not seen each other in quite some time. When Egwene writes home to her parents, she speaks of her new friends, Elayne and Min.

Moiraine was the first Aes Sedai to learn about Min's viewings. Moiraine trusted Min, and her viewings, and made use of them when she could.

While Min is not exactly close friends with Siuan and Leane, they did come to know each other fairly well on their journey to Salidar. It was Min who talked Laras into helping her free Siuan and Leane, and Min was also the one to get them through the gates, with Gawyn's help. For a long time, the three of them could only trust each other.

Elaida and Min are definitely not on good terms. Min does not trust Elaida, and when Elaida becomes the Amyrlin Seat, she wants Min to be captured, most likely because Min is tied to Moiraine.

The Aiel seem to hold Min in high regard. The Wise Ones almost treat her as one of them, due to her viewings, and have no trouble accepting the fact that she can see things about people.

Gawyn and Min are not particularly close, but Min trusts Gawyn, and he trusts her to some extent, too, or he would not have helped Min, Siuan and Leane to escape. During the time that Min spends in the White Tower as Elmindreda, they come to know each other fairly well.

Perrin is another of Min's friends. In 'The Dragon Reborn,' they spend some time speaking to each other. It is Min who warns Perrin of the falcon and the hawk. They both seem to trust each other.

Laras seems to idolize Min, though she only knows her as Elmindreda. During the time that 'Elmindreda' spends in the White Tower, Laras takes her under her wing, and seems to enjoy dressing her up. To Laras, Min reminds her of herself when she was younger.

Min's Journey

The Eye of the World

The Great Hunt

The Dragon Reborn

The Shadow Rising

The Fires of Heaven

Lord of Chaos

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  • Min and Elayne speak about Rand before Min leaves for Caemlyn with an entourage of Aes Sedai. (LoC, Prologue)
  • Min arrives in Caemlyn and goes to see Rand. (LoC, Ch. 41)
  • Min is kidnapped by Elaida's Aes Sedai. (LoC, Ch. 51)
  • After Rand escapes from the box that the Aes Sedai placed him in, he finds Min and frees her. He and Gawyn have a confrontation. (LoC, Ch. 55)

A Crown of Swords

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The Path of Daggers

Winter's Heart

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Crossroads of Twilight

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  • Min is in Tear with Rand and the others; Rand is recuperating after cleansing saidin. (CoT, Ch. 23)

Knife of Dreams

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The Gathering Storm

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  • Min tells Rand she thinks he should break the seals and Rand agrees. (TGS, Ch. 15)
  • Semirhage puts the dominations Band on Rand and Min tries to help but is useless. Semirhage then forces Rand to choke Min til he almost kills her but then Rand uses the True Power to balefire Semirhage. (TGS, Ch. 22)
  • Min accompanies Rand to Bandar Eban. (TGS, Ch. 29)
  • Min feels like she is just a liability for Rand so she stays behind when he goes to meet Tuon. (TGS, Ch. 37)
  • Min accompanies Rand to Natrin's Barrow where he Balefires Graendal's hideout. (TGS, Ch. 37)
  • Min along with Nynaeve tell Cadsuane about what happens at Natrin's Barrow. (TGS, Ch. 37)
  • Min goes with Rand to Tear (City). (TGS, Ch. 42)
  • Min tells Cadsuane she thinks the part of the prophecies about 3 becoming one is about Callandor and Cadsuane agrees. She also determines that there's more they haven't discovered and Cadsuane agrees with that as well. (TGS, Ch. 48)

Towers of Midnight

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  • Min and Nynaeve are summoned to Cadsuane because Alanna has disappeared. They discuss it for a bit until Min feels Rand in the city. (ToM, Ch. 12})
  • Min meets up with Rand who tells her that he needs help with how to seal the Bore because his method did not work last time, he mentioned Callandor. Then after talking to several different groups of people Rand introduces her to Tam. Even though she had already met him, Rand wanted to introduce her himself as she was important to him. (ToM, Ch. 13})
  • Min accompanies Rand to Bandar Eban where he restores order and hope. (ToM, Ch. 25)
  • Min is in Tear when Rand returns from Maradon. She greets him and he explains what happens. She then accompanies him to Cadsuane who has returned with The King of Arad Doman. (ToM, Ch. 32)
  • Min holds Callandor and discusses with Rand the flaw she suspects it has. She has a new viewing about Callandor being clutched in an onyx hand. (ToM, Ch. 51)
  • Min goes with Rand to meet the Borderlanders. On the way Rand tells Cadsuane he is over 400 years old so Rand and Min discuss whether he is really that old and if he is still himself. Min sits in as Rand meets with the Borderlanders. (ToM, Ch. 51)

A Memory of Light


"I am no novice. Yes, Aes Sedai. No, Aes Sedai. May I sweep another floor, Aes Sedai?" (Min to Egwene.) The Great Hunt, Chapter 25)

"I like older men. I like men with education, and wit. I have no interest in farms, or sheep, or shepherds. But then, you aren't a shepherd, are you? Not anymore. Light, why did the Pattern have to catch me up with you? Why couldn't I have something safe and simple, like being shipwrecked with no food and a dozen hungry Aielmen?" (Min to an unconscious Rand.) (The Great Hunt, Chapter 48)

"I'm bound to him as surely as a stave is bound to the barrel. But I can't see if he'll ever love me in return. And I am not the only one." (Min to Perrin about Rand.) (The Dragon Reborn, Chapter 6)

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"Gawyn, you know me. You can't think I would help the Black Ajah. Gawyn, Elayne supports her and everything she's done. Your own sister, Gawyn. Egwene believe in her too, Gawyn. I swear it, Gawyn. Egwene believes." (Min to Gawyn about Siuan.) (The Shadow Rising, Chapter 47)

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"Rand, don't look at me like that. I am on your side, if it comes to sides. It might; a little. They think I'll tell them what you say. I won't, Rand. They just want to know how to deal with you, what to expect, but I'll not tell one word you don't want me to, and if you ask me to lie, I will. They do not know about my viewings. Those are yours, Rand. You know I will read anyone you say, including Merana and the rest." (Lord of Chaos, Chapter 41)

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"Could we go find that oosquai, now? I want to get drunk as a drowned mouse, and fast!" (Min to Aviendha and Birgitte) (Winter's Heart, Chapter 12)