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When/Why does TarValon.Net, Inc. participate in intermittent drives and donations?

Though we already have regularly scheduled philanthropic activities, sometimes a need arises outside of these programs. If the cause is important to our general membership, and there is a desire to contribute, then we will run a program specifically for the need.

I know of a cause that we should support! How can I suggest this?

Recommendations for causes to support can be sent to the Director of Community Outreach. They will be evaluated by the Director of Community Outreach to determine whether or not they fit into our already established programs. If not, the Board of Directors, the Officers, the Director of Community Outreach, and when appropriate the Director of Membership will decide whether we should run an intermittent drive or donation to support the cause.

What are some examples of past intermittent drives and donations?

In 2007, we gave a donation to the Mayo Clinic, on behalf of Jim Rigney (alias Robert Jordan) in response to his passing. The donation was a combination of money from individual members and from the general community funds. Also in 2007, TarValon.Net, Inc. supported Ziggurat*Con, a gaming convention held for US military oversees. This donation was entirely member-based. In 2010, we donated to the Susan G Komen Foundation in memory of Tricia Erickson, known to us as Padra Sedai. The donation was a combination of contributions from individual members, and community funds in the Department of Membership and Board of Directors.

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