Leof Torfinn

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Author: Kyria d'Oreyn


Leof Torfinn is a man from the Two Rivers, with deep-set eyes and a scar through his hair that was given to him by Trollocs. He is one of the Two Rivers men to join Perrin (TSR, Ch. 44; KoD, Ch. 26).


  • Although he is not directly mentioned at the time, he follows Perrin from the Two Rivers and camps with the other men outside Caemlyn (LoC, Ch. 45).
  • He accompanies Perrin and his party to the meeting with the Seanchan, carrying the Red Wolfhead banner. He is very excited and happy enough over being allowed to carry the banner. He nearly came to blows with Tod al'Caar over who is to carry which (KoD, Ch. 4).
  • He accompanies the other Two Rivers men through the aqueduct near Malden to wait for Faile in the fortress during the actual attack on the Shaido (KoD, Ch. 26).