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[[Category:All Characters]]  
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[[Category:Historical Characters]]
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Author: Leora Oldessroth


Faile mentions Isebaille Tobanyi to Perrin as an example of an Aes Sedai who would do anything the White Tower told her to; Isebaille was an Aes Sedai who delivered her brothers whom she loved and the throne of Arad Doman to her enemies because the White Tower told her to (ACoS, Ch. 6).


"Is there anything an Aes Sedai would not do, or put up with, if the White Tower told her to? I have studied my history and I was taught to read between the lines...and Isebaille Tobanyi delivered the brothers she loved to their enemies and the throne of Arad Doman with them..." (Faile to Perrin A Crown of Swords, Chapter 6).