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The Green Ajah is one of the first two Ajahs at TarValon.Net. Founded by Eleyan Teyal Al'Landerin in 2001 it formed the core of what we now know as TarValon.net today. A list of Historical Green Raisings can be found here
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An older Green Ajah icon

Green Ajah Traditions

  • When two or more Greens unite in real life, whether an official Tower gathering or not, the eldest standing member of the Green (if the Head is not present) shall bestow Green Beads to the other Greens. How we bestow them is a dearly kept secret of the Greens! How the tradition began per Amaria al'Salar: One Spring, Faeril Sedai came to visit me in Corpus Christi, Texas from her hometown a few hours away. It happened to coincide with Spring Break. I live in a beach town and this town takes Spring Break pretty seriously...the bars, dance clubs, and the beaches are slammed with thousands and thousands of extra people. We were given beads on various occasions during our outings and we ended up with so many we started passing them out to people (but we kept all the Green beads for ourselves!) and when we got more beads, we'd share the green ones and give them to each other. The next event I had so many extra beads from that weekend I started passing them out to other Greens. And so the tradition was born! I *think* this was in Spring of 2003 or 2004.
  • Because of a Spring Break trip where Faeril Sedai visited Mari Sedai, the official Green Shot is “Balefire”. The contents are a secret, and the virgin version is even more vile than the one with alcohol!
  • There is a full list of Green Ajah Drinks…one for each lady member. To try them all you must have a fully stocked bar, and a wooden leg with a hole in the bottom!
  • FMBs
  • Taking the 4th oath
  • The Umbrella Stand
  • Purple the Turtle
  • “Al dival, al kiserai, al mashi!” Which translates to: "For light, glory and love!" This phrase was first used publicly during Green Toast at the 10th Anniversary party.

Green Quotes

  • "Go Big Green!"
  • "If I'm not going to surrender before fighting, I might as well get on to the battle."
  • "You are full of luscious meats!!"
  • "A moment later he saw Kiruna, face serenely unconcerned, striding like a queen of battles along a path carved for her by her three Warders and the fires that leaped from her own hands."
  • "To My Dearest Amaria…"
  • "The Green is the Battle Ajah. When you go to Tarmon Gai'don, the Green must be there."
  • "The ^ < V Thread"
  • "No Aes Sedai had ridden to war since the Trolloc Wars, but when the Last Battle came, the Battle Ajah would ride in the forefront. Until then, they fought for justice where it often could be obtained only through their Warders' swords, but that was just what they did while they waited on Tarmon Gai'don."
  • "That rocks hardcore"