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Author: Atarah al'Norahn


Hardan was one of the twenty-four nations that arose either during or shortly after the War of the Hundred Years. It was located in the eastern part of the Westlands, with Shienar to the north and Cairhien to the south (TGH, Ch. 10; LoC, Ch. 20).

The capital city of Hardan was Harad Dakar (TGH, Ch. 10).

Ingtar tells Rand, Mat and Perrin that the people of Hardan loved orchards (TGH, Ch. 10).

Ingtar says that all of the towns and cities of Hardan are gone now, and that people hauled away the stone used to make them for their own purposes, to build villages and farms. Apparently, for the most part, these villages and farms no longer exist, either (TGH, Ch. 10).

By the year 600 NE, the nation of Hardan had faded away, and Cairhien's borders had swept nearly halfway to Shienar before falling back (LoC, Ch. 20).

Harad Dakar

Harad Dakar was the last remnant of Hardan to fade away, nearly three hundred years ago. Ingtar says that, by the time Harad Dakar fell, it was only an empty shell with a King who could barely control the city, much less the land around it (TGH, Ch. 10).