Guide to Randland Safe Havens

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Author: Arthaine Dasin

Greetings, petitioners of the White Tower,

It has come to our attention that many people outside our walls would prefer to wait out Tarmon Gai'don from the security of a safe haven. While of course we Aes Sedai cannot encourage such cowardly and shortsighted actions, nonetheless it may be in everyone's best interests for the White Ajah to shed some light on the question of where best to hide. After all, if you're refusing to fight, then at the very least you shouldn't be underfoot while the rest of us are saving the world.

To that end, we have compiled a list of the safest places to wait out the Last Battle. Of all the groups below, please choose the one that you belong to, and follow the directions given there.

Aes Sedai in the Tower

Aes Sedai are not expected to be interested in running and hiding, but are included here in the interests of making a complete list. Obviously, the most likely safe haven is Tar Valon itself, at the very seat of Aes Sedai power and influence. Another possible haven is among the Aiel in the Aiel Waste. However, this second option requires both humility towards the Aiel wilders... and the ability to tell the difference between Shaido Aiel and non-Shaido Aiel. We suggest that you seek out the latter, as you will not be well received among the former.

Rebel Aes Sedai

You are courageous rebels so there is no reason you should be running to hide, but if you feel the need? We first suggest staying where you are. You have a huge army headed by one of the best generals, and more and more women coming everyday that can channel. You could also venture into the waste, but be wary of Elaida's followers and the Shaido.


Not even Whitecloaks deserve to be eaten by Trollocs, so safe havens may be found for you, too, if you are wise enough to take good advice. We suggest that you would be happiest somewhere that doesn't allow channeling. One such place would be in a stedding, preferably a remote one. Try to find one that's abandoned, since any resident Ogier might object to your violent, hasty ways. Failing that, you might want to swallow your pride and look into a trip to the Seanchan islands. They're remote enough, and we hear there are positions there for soldiers who have agreed to obey, await, and serve....


Your hard earned skills and spirit for fighting the Shadow will serve you well (so why are you running away?) Anyway, these skills give you several choices of sanctuaries, assuming you aren't adverse to getting your hands dirty. Most of you know your way around the Blight, so perhaps you can seek out and find the Eye of the World and the home of the Green Man, (if there's anything left of it). Aside from that, may we suggest the Two Rivers? It's the most remote centrally located region, and safe despite the Trollocs, which you Borderlanders should be used to fighting by now.

Tuatha'an (Traveling People)

The Way of the Leaf is a difficult path to follow, but there should be a safe place where your peaceful nature will be appreciated. You might want to seek out a stedding, preferably one inhabited by Ogier. Ogier are good company, they know a number of interesting songs, and they'll keep the Whitecloak population down. Aside from that, you could seek sanctuary in the Aiel Waste. Most Shadowspawn (and people) are too afraid of the Aiel to bother you there, just so long as you stay away from the center of conflict in Rhuidean. If you can convince an Aiel clan to protect you, instead of treating you like plague carriers, that would be even better. But stay away from the Shaido Aiel. We hear that they've broken away from old traditions, including the one that says the Traveling Folk shouldn't be harmed.


You of the Aiel are among the hardiest of people, but if you've thrown down your spears for good, perhaps we can suggest a place to run to. The Aiel Waste is of course the first place to go. You'll probably have to make yourself gai'shain in that case, so try to find someone with a kindly nature. Avoid Sevanna at all costs, or you may be gai'shain for the rest of your natural life. Aside from the Aiel Waste, you might consider Shara, which is quite remote and where the inhabitants are known to deal with Aiel. I'm sure you've had dealings with them in the past, and will know how best to handle their rumored dishonesty.

Hunters for the Horn of Valere

The Hunt for the Horn is in and of itself a perilous quest, so our first suggestion is: Stop hunting. At that point, you will be free to return to whatever you are when you're not a Hunter. Find the group you will belong to then, and follow the directions given. For those of you who absolutely cannot stop until you've found the legendary Horn of Valere, we may be able to arrange a guided tour of our vaults, where the Horn is located. However, if you try to take it out of the White Tower there will be TROUBLE.


Don't leave the stedding. Instead, stay at home, sing all day, and dance with the Tuatha'an all night. Chances are the Shadow isn't going to come looking for you, so that's the best advice we can give.


Hundreds of years ago, the High King Artur Hawkwing made a very big mistake by sending his people, your ancestors, across the Aryth Ocean. However, in terms of safety, you made an even bigger mistake by coming back. This area of the mainland is the center of the fight against the Dark One, and for that reason we suggest that you apply for a transfer back home to Seanchan. If a transfer is not possible (and hence returning home would be viewed as desertion), you might want to consider heading east along the coastline to Shara. That's the farthest place in the known world from your Empress and her Seekers, which is important given their apparent lack of a sense of humor about this sort of thing. Note: Damane may also have the option of entering the White Tower as novices, but a'dam must be removed, and sul'dam are strictly forbidden (unless they too want to learn).

Atha'an Miere (Sea Folk)

We know that the Atha'an Miere are never happy away from their beloved ships. Keeping this in mind, we have two ideas for you. First, you could sail to Shara, and try to put down roots there (or anchors, as the case may be). That may be far enough from the focus of the Dark One's influence for you to be overlooked, but you'll have to try to stay clear of any Seanchan there. Otherwise, you could sail upriver to Tar Valon, and anchor outside of our beautiful city. While you're there, you'll benefit from the presence of hundreds of Aes Sedai, and your Windfinders can see how they look in novice white.

General Military

Tsk, tsk. Deserters. If you really must run away and hide, we suggest that you disband first. After that, those that were common soldiers should see this guide under "Ordinary People", and those that were officers should look under "Nobles".

Men who can Channel

The best place for you to go would be the Black Tower. Your worries right now are minimal now that saidin has been cleansed. Unlike the past with the worry of going mad, or the Red Ajah finding you. But at the Black Tower, you will be surrounded by men who can kill Shadowspawn easily.


Yes, we know all about your secret society of channeling women. In fact we've known about you for centuries. Our long silence is broken now by the need to join together against the Shadow, and so we offer the hospitality of the White Tower. You will be safe from harm at the center of our power, and you can help us by swelling our ranks.

Dragonsworn Rabble

As Dragonsworn, not only do you follow a man who hasn't officially acknowledged your existence, but you follow a man who could be considered the world's greatest mixed blessing. This is a dangerous position, so the safest action would be to disband. Having done that, you should consult this guide under the heading of whatever else you might be, and follow those directions.

Ordinary People

You need to go somewhere very remote to escape the Dark One's baleful eyes. The ideal place would have no large towns or cities to attract conquering armies or the Forsakens' attention, no large amounts of produce to feed roving armies of Dragonsworn, Whitecloaks, Aiel, Shadowspawn, or others. In addition, you need to find a place without any interesting objects such as stedding, Waygates, Portal Stones, or giant sa'angreal. Some examples of suitable places are Caralain Grass, Haddon Mirk (avoiding rebel Tairens), or the Mountains of Mist.


The best place to run depends, to some degree, on which nation you belong to. Many of you may seek sanctuary in Tar Valon (oh, dear, where are we going to put all of you?) Some of you have other options, however. Tairens can shut themselves up in the Stone of Tear, which is not impenetrable, but still quite strong. Nobles from Arad Doman, Tarabon, and Amadicia may decide to throw themselves at the Seanchan's mercy (since Tar Valon is so far away, after all), and hope that the Seanchan can protect them. Be warned however! Under no circumstances should Tairens go to the Seanchan, since the Seanchan have been known to be unpleasant to those who call themselves "High Lords".


It would be safest to have yourself balefired. What, you thought this was about YOUR safety?