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Author: Kytheria al'Shea

Gray Aes Sedai

Aisha Raveneos: One of the Aes Sedai selected by the Amyrlin (Tamra) to search for the child Dragon Reborn. Killed by the Black Ajah soon thereafter for her involvement with this plot. Aisha was a longtime wearer of the shawl and was reputed to be strong in the Power. She adhered to the strictest letter of the law no matter her own feelings. She was a thorough, no-nonsense teacher.

Akoure: A Gray Aes Sedai who is captured and held prisoner in the compound of the Black Tower. These women are bonded to Asha'man who follow Logain. She and the other Aes Sedai are angry at their superiors within the Tower who led them into capture by underestimating the Asha'man.

Andaya Forae: A native of Tarabon, she is thin, birdlike, and small. She retains her Taraboner accent and appears outwardly timid. However, she is one of the best mediators of the Tower. She is a member of Elaida's Hall and council. She keeps her seat after reunification.

Annoura Larisen: Aes Sedai advisor to Berelain, First of Mayene. She has the ability to Heal. Annoura helps Berelain in Cairhien and in Perrin's traveling group. She helps negotiate with Queen Alliandre of Ghealdan and with the Prophet of the Dragon. During the Last Battle, she rescues Galad from the Field of Merrilor, despite being at near exhaustion and burns herself out.

Ashmanaille: She is one of the Aes Sedai of the Tower in exile at Salidar. Ashmanaille joins in the link with Anaiya, Nyneave, Elayne, and others to fight off a miasma of the Dark One that arises one night in Salidar. She shares and understands Nyneave's sense of calm and wonder at the link of women wielding the Power.

Beonin: A figure of importance in the Tower in exile in Salidar, where she went under Elaida's orders. She has pretty, dark honey hair and huge, startled-looking blue-gray eyes. She demands proof and complete evidence before she will believe anything. After Egwene's capture, she returned to the Tower and taught Elaida all the new weaves she knew.

Berisha Terakuni: An Aes Sedai who was loyal to the Tower during the Split. After reunification, she is with Faile and the Horn when they are hit by a bubble of Evil and she opens a gateway to escape which takes them to the Blight. She is stabbed and killed when doing this.

Coiren Saeldain: Leader of the White Tower's embassy to Rand in Cairhien. She always speaks as though she is giving a speech, using sweeping, florid tones. When she is not giving speeches, she is making grand proclamations. When Rand refuses to return to the Tower with her, she and the other Aes Sedai in her entourage abduct him and plan to take him back to the Tower by force. Coiren and others of her group are captured by Rand's followers, led by Perrin in a successful rescue attempt.

Delana Mosalaine: A Shienaran Aes Sedai who was secretly of the Black Ajah. She is a Gray Sitter for the Hall of the Tower in exile. She receives orders from the woman known as Halima, one of the Forsaken (Aran'gar) in disguise. She and Aran'gar fled when Narishma noticed a man trying to listen in to a meeting sealed to the Hall. She was later killed by balefire at Natrin's Barrow.

Evanellein: A vain Aes Sedai who was also a member of the Black Ajah and was on Elaida's inner council. She fled the Tower when Egwene was chosen Amyrlin and was killed in Tel'aran'rhiod when attacking with the Black Ajah.

Jarna Malari: Sitter for the Gray in 979 NE. One of the Aes Sedai who plan to put Moiraine on the throne of Cairhien, to link the Tower to the throne. Jarna is elegant, with black hair and brown eyes. She is serene, patient, and knowledgeable about politics. Secretly Head of the Black Ajah, she is killed by Ishamael in 982 NE for her actions involving the murder of Amyrlin Seat Tamra.

Kwamesa: The youngest Sitter of the Hall in Salidar, she performs the appropriate duties as such in the ceremony raising Egwene to Amyrlin Seat. She is described as dark and slender, and has a thorough knowledge of Tower law. She steps down after reunification.

Larelle Tarsi: An Aes Sedai who meets Moiraine in Kandor and is ordered by Cadsuane to keep an eye on Moiraine, along with Merean Sedai. She initially believes Moiraine to be a wilder and wants to send her to the Tower to enroll as a Novice. Moiraine believes Larelle may have been killed by Merean in 979 NE, as she does not arrive in Kandor as planned.

Marya Somares: A native of Cairhien and Aes Sedai of the Gray Ajah, she served on the Council of the Grand Alliance in 978 NE. Her advisor at this time was Azil Mareed, the High Captain of the White Tower Guard in Tar Valon in this same year.

Meidani: An Aes Sedai who joined the rebels and was sent back to the Tower as a spy. She was ordered by Yukiri to resume a friendship with Elaida, who agrees when she learns of Meidani's true motivations. When Egwene arrives, she discover the truth and gains Meidani's allegiance.

Merana Ambrey: Leader of the Aes Sedai embassy sent to negotiate with Rand in Caemlyn. She helps Perrin rescue Rand from the other Aes Sedai who kidnap him. Merana is one of the Aes Sedai whom Rand orders to take over his negotiations with the Atha'an Miere. They eventually succeed in nailing down a treaty, though it is not as beneficial to Rand as his ta'veren presence would have ensured.

Merilille Ceandevin: A Gray Aes Sedai representative at the court of Queen Tylin in Ebou Dar. She is elegant and self-possessed, originally from Cairhien. Merilille does not initially treat Elayne and Nyneave as full sisters due to their unconventional raising and their youth. When the two women assert the authority given them by Egwene and their own strength in the Power, Merilille accepts their leadership and travels with them after they recover the Bowl of the Winds. She runs off with Talaan.

Naorisa Cambral: An Aes Sedai loyal to the rebels, chosen to replace Delana as a Sitter.

Niande Moorwyn: Advisor to the former King of Cairhien, Galldrian.

Nisain: One of the rebel Aes Sedai, she is sent with five others to investigate Shadar Logoth after the cleansing of the saidin. They discover a three-mile wide circular hole, slowly filling with water, where the city once was. The Aes Sedai suspect this to be the work of the Forsaken.

Serancha Colvine: Head Clerk, or Head of the Gray Ajah, in 1000 NE.

Sierin Vayu: Amyrlin Seat 979-984 NE. She was raised to this position after the death (murder) of Tamra. Upon her raising, Sierin dismissed all male Tower clerks for "inappropriate" behavior. It is said that most people were surprised she chose the Gray Ajah over Red upon attaining the shawl.

Temaile Kinderode: Formerly of the Gray Ajah, now a known member of the Black. She is of the group of Black Aes Sedai who follow and obey Moghedien, once tracked by Egwene, Nyneave, and Elayne at Siuan Sanche's orders. She is captured by Elayne and killed trying to escape custody.

Tiana Noselle: Mistress of Novices of the Tower in exile in Salidar. She does not remain Mistress of Novices after reunification.

Varilin: A Sitter who did not vote for Siuan to be deposed, she was sent to the rebels by Serancha, and is present when Nynaeve rushes in to tell the Aes Sedai that she has Healed Logain of his gentling. She retains her seat after reunification.

Yukiri: Sitter for the Hall of the Tower in 1000 NE. She is one of the Aes Sedai who come to see what Seaine and Pevara are up to as they search for the Black Ajah at Elaida's orders. She ends up joining the hunt for Darkfriends within the Tower. She retains her seat after reunification. During the Last Battle, she spends most of the time weaving various forms of gateways.