Get To Know the Reds: Lyuna

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Lyuna Ishizu, former Red Ajah Aes Sedai

Senior Member Interview



Full-time student, Japanese and Chinese


House flies?

Favorite Books

Kushiel's Legacy, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Demon Child Trilogy, Lord of the Rings, The Belgariath Saga

Favorite Movies

Hero, House of Flying Daggers, Disney Movies

Favorite TV Shows

Does Anime count? In that case Price of Tennis, Nabari no Ou, Ouran, Sailor Moon


Swimming, reading, writing fanfiction, playing Guild Wars

If I could travel anywhere it would be to


I chose the Red Ajah because

Quite simple, because it was my home When I was still a citizen I hated the Red Ajah (from the books), but when I met Morrie I quickly changed my mind and ended up hanging out pretty much only in Red threads So it wasn't much of a question if I'd join Red when I became an Accepted

Positions I’ve held within the Red Ajah

None yet!

Positions I’ve held around the site

None yet!