Get To Know the Reds: Ariana

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Ariana Sulan, former Aes Sedai



Wedding Photographer


Sadly, dead. No, I did not cause said deaths.

Favourite Books:

Uglies trilogy by Scott Westerfeld

Favourite Movies:

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Jeux D'Enfants, Amelie, Chronicles of Riddick

Favourite TV Shows

Doctor Who, The IT Crowd, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries


Photography, volunteering, networking

If I could travel anywhere it would be to:

Norway, for some odd reason.

I chose the Red Ajah because:

It felt like home. And they're the only ones who can keep me in line.

Positions I’ve held within the Red Ajah:

I think we'd all agree I'm the jackass of the ajah

Positions I’ve held around the site:

Chat Wiseass, TVT Archivist, Artisans Guildmaster