Feast of Lights Charity Drive 2013

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In 2013 the supported charity was Partners In Health, a globally active organization that matches the interests of our community and that holds the belief that heath, is a human right.

Who is Partners In Health?

Partners In Health has two overarching goals: To bring the benefits of modern medical science to those most in need of them, and To serve as an antidote to despair.

Their mission, as they put is, is both medical and moral. It is based on solidarity rather than charity alone. Partners in Health is actively trying to eliminated the 10 million annually who die from treatable diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, cholera, childbirth and malnutrition. Partners In Health has been active for over 20 years and began with Dr. Paul Farmer working in the poorest nation in the western hemisphere, Haiti. They are now active not only in Haiti, but also Burundi, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Lesotho, Malawi, Mexico, Peru, Russia, and Rwanda.

Partners In Health works to establish long-term relationships with communities through the establishment of hospitals and other localized health care facilities in an effort to increase overall global health

Partners In Health operates under a unique model by establishing hospitals and training and employing as many local community members as possible. Partners In Health may establish the hospital- but when they leave, the hospital and medical facilities remain open offering quality medical care (and vaccinations!) to the community they were founded in. This is the true genius of Partners In Health, like teaching a man to fish, holding that while health care is a human right, aid organizations cannot create a vacuum when they leave.

Also less than three percent (3%) of the funds they raise are used for administrative costs and over ninety percent (90%) go directly to their global health initiatives, hospitals on the ground working to prevent unnecessary deaths, and operations working to feed the hungry and shelter the poor in the same communities.

Goal: TarValon.Net, Inc. has set the goal this year for our Feast of Lights campaign to raise $1,500 for Partners in Health. I know that we can do this, because I know that we are an organization comprised of some of the most caring, giving, and downright awesome people in the world!


November 15, 2013 - December 8, 2013.


TarValon.Net's 2013 Feast of Lights drive in all, though we did not make our goal of $1,500 we made a very admirable $870 for Partners In Health! Winners of the prizes were:

Customised Avatars by the Director of Marketing

T-Shirt by Ta'veren Tees

Many thanks to everyone who helped publicize, donated to, and otherwise supported this drive. And a special thank you to Arie Davion and Ta'veren Tees for prize donations.