Feast of Lights Charity Drive 2011

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Room to Read is an international organization that focuses on the importance of education and literacy. They believe all children should have the opportunity to learn . Illiteracy is a huge problem in many countries and I am so very happy we will get to help out this very worthy cause this year. Here is what Room to Read says about itself:

Over 300 million children around the world do not have access to education and most likely will never learn to read or write. Room to Read believes that all children, regardless of gender or background, have a right to education. By empowering children through this lifelong gift, we see a world in which people are able to realize their full potential.

Room to Read had its humble origins in Nepal in 2000, where we began bringing donated books to rural communities. Today, we are a global organization dedicated to promoting and enabling education through programs focused on literacy and gender equality in education.

Our Reading Room program provides libraries to children so they can read and to explore. Our Local Language Publishing program allows children to read books in their mother tongue. Our School Room program gives children a safe place to learn. Our Girls’ Education program enables girls to enroll in and stay in school. We currently work in Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Laos, Nepal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Zambia – with plans to expand so we can bring educational opportunities and resources to children throughout the developing world.

Room to Read’s programs have reached more than five million children so far and hopes to improve literacy for 10 million children by 2015. Imagine a world in which every child has access to an education. Room to Read is doing our best to make this dream a reality, one child at a time.


TarValon.Net's 2011 Feast of Lights drive raised $1830 for Room to Read. Less than the goal of $2500, but still a considerable amount. The winners of the raffle were:

$20 Amazon.com certificate

  • Unknown

$30 Amazon.com certificate

  • Unknown

Special titles for the month of February

  • Unknown

Many thanks to everyone who helped publicize, donated to, and otherwise supported this drive. And a special thank you to TarValon.Net, Inc. for prize donations.