Double Homicide Report -- Adeleas and Ispan

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Author: Evgren Padraigin

Crime Scene was discovered and controlled by Lan in the early hours of the morning. Nynaeve, Elayne, Birgitte, and Aviendha were the first to respond to the crime scene.


Small hut behind Cullen's Crossing Inn, ten miles outside of Caemlyn.

Visual Description

The crime scene is contained inside a very small single room building with two small windows, a fireplace along one wall, and a rough wooden floor. The room contained one table with two stools, one stool on its side. A teapot, cup and lamp sat on the table (a type of poison was discovered inside the teapot). There was also another cup lying on the floor. A female victim (hence forth known as Victim 1), identified as Adeleas, was lying on her side next to the table. Victim 1 appeared to have her throat slit. A cot across the room held another female victim (hence forth known as Victim 2). Victim 2 was identified as the prisoner Ispan. Victim 2 had a wooden stake driven into her chest. A hammer, which was assumed to have been used to drive in the stake, was lying next to the cot.


Weapons discovered at the scene were: a stake and hammer, and Crimsonthorn (a type of poison that tastes sweet and kills slowly). Whatever was used to slit the throat of victim 1 was not to be found.

With the nature of Crimsonthorn, both victims would have been alive and unable to move when the murderer entered and killed them. So the conclusion is that the killer wanted one of the victims to know who was killing them.

Victim 1

After talking with Victim 1's sister, it was found that Victim 1 had just recently started drinking a lot of honey in her tea. Only someone who knew Victim 1 would know that the victim would take sweet tea. If Victim 1 one expected sweet tea, then that explains why the victim didn't notice the Crimsonthorn in her drink. Also, since Victim 1 was alone questioning the prisoner, the victim wouldn't have taken a drink from someone that the victim did not know.

Victim 2

Victim 2 had known gang affiliations with the Black Ajah and the Friends of the Dark. The killer seemed to take the most time in murdering Victim 2. This could lead us to believe that Victim 2 was killed so that she couldn't talk, and that Victim 1 was just killed in order to hide the crime.


With this knowledge of both victims, it can be concluded that the murderer had to be a member of Victim 1's traveling companions. After further investigation into the murders and whereabouts of the traveling companions, the suspect list was narrowed down to four persons: Careane, Sareitha, Merilille, or Victim 1's sister Vandene. While investigating the above suspects, it was discovered that Careane was also a member of the gang called the Black Ajah. While there is not any actual proof that Careane was the murderer in the double homicide, it is assumed that she is. However, the case is still open.

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