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The TarValon.Net Membership Manual contains additional information on this topic.


The Department of Research and Records oversees the Tower Library and the Tower Histories, as well as the book forums and the Classroom. The department is currently headed by Tallan Daar.

The Library

The Department of Research and Records heads up and organises the TarValon.Net library, which strives to be a complete source of information for the world of the Wheel of Time. The articles are written by the members as volunteer contributions. It also features comprehensive detail on TarValon.Net itself.

The Classroom

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The department was originally formed as the Department of Research and Communication and headed by the Tower Librarian and Tar Valon Times Editor. It was later split into two separate departments along with the Department of Communication.

Membership Surveys

Annual Reports


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There are three administrator positions, the Headmistress, the Annual Report Project Manager and the Survey Project Manager.