Dare to Dream in Radio Waves

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Author: Da'mas Tamoryn

Submitted for raising to Gaidin

In my early days I was once a member of a Star Wars gaming group. During my time there we learned of a way to broadcast our own voices and music over the internet and thus we began LSF radio. In the following months, we took that radio and added more DJs and we all ran shows with the help of the software open to us. Since that time I've learned more on how everything works and more on how to upgrade that software and make it even more user-friendly.

Now, years later I have had the great opportunity to restart that which I enjoyed so much. TarValon.net Radio is one of the new and exciting things that has been born here. Noted by our call sign WTVN the radio has given many members the chance to come into a lesser used IRC room and spend time getting to know and communicate with fellow TarValon.net members. This in combination with the efforts of the JALGC staff has encouraged a few members to request the ability to run their own show, a chance to be active in this grand community. The ability to show your broadcasting skills or the ability to just sit back and enjoy some fine tunes with your fellow members is what has made this Radio what it is today.

The radio has become a simple thing for its listeners, all they have to do is show up, and tune in. It isn't as simple as that, of course there is a bit more that goes on behind the shows. There is the server that must be watched, playlists that have to be organized, and other hosts to aquire among just a few of the things. But there is always room for more who would like to get involved, and always room for my listeners. No matter what your position in the Tower is, the radio will always be open to all. If being a show host is in your dreams, then dare to dream those dreams and get involved. If just hanging out and getting some entertainment is your dream then your dream is more then welcome to stop by #oldewarderandhen and join us when we have the radio shows.